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Is it too much to expect a card on Valentine’s Day from my fiance’?

Is it too much to expect a card, and only just a card, from my fiance’ on Valentine’s Day? I didn’t ask for jewerly, chocolates, flowers or even a teddy bear. But I am hoping for a card. We live in different states and I sent him one. I also sent him an electronic V-Day card. But he’s so cheap, I don’t know if he sent one or not. Of course I can’t ask him if he did. Will this be a sign of things to come? It’s the only thing I would like, just a simple, little card. But I’m wondering if thats too much to ask. Or do I have a right to expect it?

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9 Responses to “Is it too much to expect a card on Valentine’s Day from my fiance’?”

  1. runningballerina said :

    its not too much to ask… but some people just dont get into holidays as much as others.. you know?

  2. sasha said :

    not in my opinion especially knowing that he’s your future hubby

  3. cheez584 said :

    you do have a right to expect a card from ur fiance. but dont fret over it v-day is overrated and if hes ur fiance then u already know that he loves you and that should be enough. but if he sends u one then that is just the icing on the cake.

  4. kyo no ningyou said :

    Yes, you have the something. Even if it’s a homemede card or letter or anything. If he is your FIANCE then he should want to send you SOMETHING. If he is broke then it’s ok to feel bad that he didn’t send you anything, but there’s not much you can do about it. If he doesn’t send you something, and you feel bad about it, just let him know that you want to be acknowleged for your love. And don’t cause a fight! Hope this helps.

  5. Glo* said :

    You can expect it, however, many men/women do not find the importance in such. Me personally do not feel the need of a card because everyone else says it is a holiday. You must pick your battles, if the worst thing he does is forget a holiday, not purchase a card or a gift. However, is a good man in every other way. I would let it go. Many men buy cards, gifts and flowers, however, in every other aspect of the relationship they suck. They cheat and lie, etc. And buy gifts to make up for the guilt or lack of. So, I would say you should choose your battle carefully. And if this is a very important issue to you, perhaps you should re-evaluate your relationship. He may never purchase gifts, cards and flowers. And if this is something you require to make you happy and content. You many want a different man. Good luck and God bless****

  6. Kacky said :

    He’s not cheap. He resents being forced to do holidays that he considers blackmail. All guys feel this way about Valentine’s Day.

  7. !!! said :

    he is your FUTURE HUSBAND

    no it is not too much to ask for!!!

    anyways hope it works out and good luck

  8. urbanbard7 said :

    Dump him.

    I say you reconsider if it’s him you really want to be with for the rest of your life & dump him. Find somebody that treats you like you deserve. Somebody that spoils you in what is important to you. Somebody that likes you how you are, respects you and loves you in return.

    Hope I wasn’t too harsh.

  9. Lisa G said :


    You’re as bad as I am.

    Just tell him that. =) My husband (before we were tecnically -together- with one another) would send me cards,and gifts.

    This past year,no birthday card,no anniversary card (our first anniversary. lol),no christmas card.

    I was just so sad. Until I started talking to him about it. In his family,you only send cards to the people that you love that are far away. =) In mine? You give them to everyone,no matter how far or close they are!

    Don’t take it personally if it doesn’t happen. It’s probably just the same situation I’m in. If they know you want it,most guys are more than happy to give you a card. I told my husband I’d like one and he said he’d get me one. Problem solved. =)


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