I dont have a date to the valentines dance?! :'(?

I’m a freshman in high school, and its all fun and stuff, but i’ve never had a bf and never had a first kiss…ect. but at school the valentines dance is comming up on febuary 5th and i dont have a date, somtimes its really depressing hearing all of my friends talking about there bf’s and gf’s. im pretty known i guess a little popular and im told im pretty alot and that im nice and sweet, but im still alone, i know theres plenty of time between now and the dance but i just dont know what to do. 🙁 i just dont want to be alone at a freakin valentines dance. i kinda thought about looking stunning and making those jerk guys see what they missed, but i dunno. help? and this dance is semi-formal so i gotta wear a dress or skirt

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15 Responses to “I dont have a date to the valentines dance?! :'(?”

  1. Ann Ketchum said:

    why don’t you just stop caring about petty stuff like this? have fun. you don’t need a guy and you don’t need to make guys jealous that they can’t be with you. just go with your friends and enjoy the dance with them.

  2. Kristen P said:

    Just wait till the perfect guy or any guy comes or just go single…

  3. Jae said:

    Why don’t YOU ask someone. The guy doesn’t always have to ask. I’m sure someone would love to go with you and is in the exact same situation you’re in.

  4. Kat365 said:

    The last few years kids have been going to these dances together as a group.. I would just go and hang out with everybody.. Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean you can’t go.. These dances are very social..

  5. Ashley said:

    flirt like crazy until the dance and hopefully a guy will ask you out. or just pick the cutest guy you see and ask him to the dance.:]

  6. Rho said:

    where a really really pretty not over the edge but cutish sexy dress and go by yourself, you shouldn’t need anyone to go with to make you feel good. love yourself and go and have fun im going to a dance at the end of the year by myself, its not all that bad really =)

  7. Karla said:

    just go with girlfriends..then meet the guys there.:)____tht is always fun.well not to me anymore lol..im engaged…but it used to be fun!

  8. pianochic2210 said:

    Sweety, i have the same problem as u and im almost 16! ive been close to going out w/ someone but he said it wouldnt work out but if i still wanted to kiss him i could. i said no to this because i want my first kiss to b special and not just a one time thing!

    wht im trying to say is ur not hte only one and no matter how close u r to getting there, just make sure its w/ the right person at the right time and u will be happy u waited unlike ur otha friends 🙂

    gl hope i helped!

  9. ASSirac e said:

    ask a guy to go with you just as friends and then show up at the dance looking extra gorgeous and he will notice as more than a friend, basically you have to make a guy notice you to get a date!

  10. Guadalupe said:

    okay u know wat u should go with all ur friend or u can get out of ur stuiped bubble n ask some one or ask a friend to tell some 1 for u! get out there bitch! n remerder ur hot n better then the other girls!

  11. Shortymrp said:

    I think you should still tho because even tho your friends have boyfriends i highly doubt there gonna be with them the whole enitre night and there proably will be cute guys there that are single that you can hang out with and looking really cute will make you feel better too

  12. Hailey Kelly said:

    I know how you’re feeling!
    and I’m a junior in highschool!

    You need to start being realllyyyyyy friendly to boys.
    but not desperate.
    and hopefulley some guy will start fallin for you 🙂

    be outgoing and enjoy life. don’t focus on the negative stuff 🙂

    good luck chica!

  13. Lissa said:

    ask a guy they get as nervous as we do about asking some one…your luck will comee believe me.. i was the same way but now i have a bf. also if you dont wanna go with a date, which you should cause it may look weird than be like super cute with one of those tight dresses or just look really pretty. besides your going to have fun dont worry about that stuff.. believe me i did an i wish i never did… will you answer mine i know its for guys but i am kinda in the same boat so..

  14. jsiegel2494 said:

    If you want to find a date, maybe you could find some guys that you like and flirt with them a little bit. When you think you’ve found one that likes you and you like them, maybe bring up the dance and casually ask if they have a date. If they say no, then ask him if he’d like to go with you.

    If you can’t get a date, then go with your friends, look good, and have an awesome time! Don’t sweat it too much. Not having a boyfriend isn’t the worst thing in the world. Good luck.

  15. SCgal said:

    It’s not the end of the world. In fact, it doesn’t even sound like a very big dance. Just don’t worry about it.


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