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well i want a date for the valentines dance?

no one has asked me out and i really want to go to the valentines dance two guys has asked me and i really like them but all my friends say that i souldnt go to the valentines dance with them cause they say i CAN DO BETTER so i said no and now they both have dates but i am still single and stuff but i really need one and so far EVERYONE is taken i think that i souldnt go to the valentines dance i really think no one likes me and i dont now what to do i really need advice please people tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Responses to “well i want a date for the valentines dance?”

  1. Syburry said:

    Maybe you shouldn’t listen to what your friends think about other guys and go with your gut feeling. If you want a guy just to please your girlfriends,you will never be happy.How can you think no one likes you if 2 guys asked?

  2. crashnt03d2 said:

    After reading your question, I see two faults in your actions thus far. First, your friends are never in a position to tell you you can do better than someone unless they have had a deep and personal relationship with that person in the past. Next, if you really want to go, THEN GO!!! Don’t limit yourself because you don’t have an arm to hang on when you enter the dance. I’m almost positive there will be some eligible guys there alone. Who knows? You might even leave the dance with an arm to hang on. Have fun!

  3. yoyohil said:

    well then look for one!

  4. Beaver said:

    Why did you listen to your friends? Omg, that’s why I doesn’t have a single girl friend in my life. They just give you shitty advices and try to tell you how to live your life.

    I think you probably should ask around. Just a random guy. Often time, with a random guy, you tend to have more fun at the dance with a guy you never know.

  5. THATgirl said:

    maybe you shouldn’t be listening to what your friends think. you should choose one of the guys that asked you– and who knows, you might get to know them a little bit more and start liking him. it’s better than not going to the dance with anyone at all.


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