How to win my ex boyfriend back?

I really still care about him, we just decided to go our seperate ways because we were getting too serious and he basically pushed me away. We have a 7 year age difference, im 22 and hes 29. We sometimes talk, but I really want us to get back together. It’e been 4 months, and I know getting back together with exes is a bad idea, but I still really care about him. We still talk, but its usually me contacting him first. Any tips in winning him back.?

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12 Responses to “How to win my ex boyfriend back?”

  1. msdimples said:

    if you have to call him that means that he’s trying to move on and so should you if he doesn’t want it you can’t force it you’ll seem desperate

  2. FRITZ said:

    did you cheat?… because if you did don’t bother trying to get back with him…

  3. smandy said:

    ex boyfriends stay as ex boyfriends..hence “ex boyfriend”

  4. EGG said:

    hes gay he doesnt want u back

  5. Dynamite said:

    Do something he really likes and just be really sweet and be there for him. and if it seems like he likes you again ask him if you could get back together try not to get to serious again

  6. ruben m said:

    Get a life and live again. Don’t dwell on your past together. Let him breathe. If he wants you he’ll come around.

  7. Anglsongs said:

    You contact him first, everytime, and in the mean time, he is hoping you will find someone else. This is the sad and heartbreaking truth. I know all about this stuff.
    I think you still care deeply for him and he cares about you being happy, but he is really creating distance, and there is a reason for that. It may have nothing to do with you personally. It may be he just is looking for something else, not better, but ELSE.

    It really really sucks, I know.
    My heart goes out to you. * hug! *

  8. Joe S said:

    You need to show no signs of neediness. Don’t look at as you are getting back together. DO NOT THINK THAT WAY.

    You need to accept the fact that you are starting on a clean slate, a new beginning.

    This is what you need to do.

    Ask him to meet you a mutual place, coffee shop, or something.
    Tell him how important he is to you and how much he means to you. How he has changed your life and the like. You can not be needy at all, do not ask for anything. Just make statements. Do NOT ask him how he feels about you. Also do not mention that you like him, make him come to realize that he made a mistake. Once he initiates, interest to you, that is when you can talk about what direction you would like to take the relationship. Ask him first, and be sure to listen.

    You do not “need” him to be apart of your life, you just want him to be, so make sure he knows that. And you need to be as indirect about it as possible.

  9. mrprescott04 said:

    Sounds like he just want somebody to fool around with. A lot of guys are not ready to settle down until they are in their 30’s so even 40’s. No if you don’t care about that then you will have to seduce him. Every time you seem him or think you might see him, were all the outfits that he liked seeing you in the most. Send him some flowers. Yes guys like flowers too. Then if you get him back in the sack I will say one word and you will have him..swallow. It may sound nasty and immature or what ever but ask any other guy out there and they will tell you the same.

  10. Chloe C said:

    If he hardly ever contacts you and in the relationship he pushed you away through fear of commitment, i don’t think it’s a good idea to get back together with him. I’m afraid to say from what you’ve said it doesn’t seem like he’s interested and trying to get back with him will probably only end in tears. Try to move on, i know it’s a cliché but time heals and soon you’ll be over him. Forget him and find a new man who will not back out when things get serious. Hope it all works out ok!

  11. Esmeralda Redfield said:

    There really are some basics to getting a guy back. The most important are:

    – Be strong. Don’t fall at his feet, don’t beg for him. That’s a sure way to lose his interest fast.

    – Not too much contact. This gives him the idea that you are available to him. Often, available is not interesting.

    With those rules in mind, you could start to invent a strategy to get him back.

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