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How often should I call a girl at the beginning of our relationship?

We went out once almost a month ago and neither of our schedules have permitted a repeat. I’ve called her to this point about once a week, but usually its all business to see if we can meet up. Should I call more than once a week if it means calling to just see how she is?

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12 Responses to “How often should I call a girl at the beginning of our relationship?”

  1. She sez said :

    if you are interested its best to show it

  2. Nicoooole ^_^ said :

    definitely call and see how she is, just don’t over-do it. Do you have texting? I love getting cute texts just to see how i’m doing, it’s less awkward than a bunch of phone calls anyway.

  3. Babe10 said :

    well yea… lol girls love for u to call and just see how they are doing or ask how has there day been… me and my man talk at LEAST once aday 🙂 lol

  4. bunzy said :

    call to see how she is but not too much to where you sound desperate

  5. belindadawn21 said :

    every couple days will show her you are still interested in meeting a second time. If not every couple days maybe call once or twice a week and perhaps txt msg in between

  6. JESS said :

    Yes, but don’t overwhelm her with too many calls. Once every other day should be enough to see how her day is doing, i’m sure she’ll appreciate it. If you don’t have time then maybe you can text or email her just to let her know you’re thinking of her.

  7. katiee said :

    text every 3 days and if you don’t have
    texting then call about twice a week.
    that is, if you don’t see her at like
    school or work or something.
    if you see her regularly then about
    once a week is just right.

  8. pezhead said :

    I would call 2 to 3 times a week, one or two just to talk and the other to try to plan a meeting.

  9. DN1503 said :

    Well, I would try and setup a second date asap. I understand that you two have wanted to hang out but just haven’t yet, so next time you call her I would just ask her if she wants to go out and do something with your(your choice on what that is), and suggest an exact time and date. If she says she can’t make that date, then suggest another date, if she says she can’t make that one, then suggest another one… other words, just keep suggesting until you get the date. Time to set this up! Best of luck!

  10. MAGIC MAN said :


  11. fashion expert said :

    yeah i mean dont annoy her but i would call like 3 times a week just to show that you are interested in the relationship and that you care about her

  12. queen said :

    atleat a few times a week, try to stay on top of your game. if not someone else will


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