How important is it to test with morning urine?

I know it will give you the “most accurate” result… but how big of a difference does it make by using the afternoon urine?

Has anyone tested with afternoon urine a few days before missed period and gotten the positive?

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11 Responses to “How important is it to test with morning urine?”

  1. ♥life is great annaliates BYBS said:

    first morning urine is concentrated so that is why they say test in the morning

    I have tested at different times of the day and always got a positive but for more accurate results use the first mornings urine

  2. m yager said:

    i tested with afternoon urine and got a positive but i had already missed my period.

    first morning urine holds the most HCG hormone.
    thats why they tell you to use that.

    good luck and baby dust

  3. ~*Lariena ♥'s her baby boy*~ said:

    I tested with night urine at 2:30 am after being up for 16 hours and got a positive almost immediately.

  4. First Time Mommy Due 7/2/10 said:

    I have been told that morning urine as the highest concentration of the HCg hormone that a pregnancy test looks for. Personally, I tested at noon 3 days after my missed period and got the 2 pink lines almost immediately! The test that I used said that if you want to test in the afternoon make sure to not drink a lot of water or anything else to dilute the sample. I didn’t drink anything from 10:30 until I tested. Congrats!

  5. Skittles said:

    mornin pee usually holds the most hormones (all night sleeping pee has time to fester) good luck. i have tested at all times of the day (7 times in fact) and i was preggers each time.

  6. Twizzler said:

    It’s a good idea if you’re taking the test early, but if you’re 5+ weeks you should be okay. The first urine of the day is a lot more potent since you haven’t pottied in awhile (all night). Every time I’ve tested I used afternoon pee but I had already missed my period. If you think you are it would be a waste of money to take the test before the missed period. You should get a blood test instead.

  7. someonesmsright said:

    first morning urine has been sitting in your bladder for hours. afternoon urine has only been there for a short time. you can still get a positive result with the afternoon urine but you may also be pregnant and not producing enough hormone for the test to pick up.

  8. Diamond~Due 5*2*2010 said:

    I tested with afternoon urine the day my period was due and I got a positive. it depends on alot of things one being…how much fluids u drink throughout the day

  9. ♥HotMama♥ said:

    I think if you’re testing really early (before you’ve missed your period) then it’s really important to test in the morning since the amounts of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) are still quite low but they will be more concentrated in the morning.
    Once you’ve missed your period, however, I don’t think it matters what time of the day you test… it should show up positive.

  10. Fae said:

    Well I tested after my period was due (about four days after) and I tested with night urine and it was super positive! But morning urine is probably best if you are testing before your period is due. Keep in mind, my friend tested the first two times and it came back negative. A week later she tested again and it came back positive so sometimes the hcg just has to show up a little more in your pee.

  11. Pinkadot said:

    I took my test at 5:30 pm and it was still obvious I was preg.

    You won’t get a false positive. You might get a false negative though. I was about 3 days late when I took my test…


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