What do you think are the post important Red Cross courses to take?

I decided I want myself, my husband, and my children (the ones that are old enough) to begin with safety classes by Red Cross. What are important ones to take?

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6 Responses to “What do you think are the post important Red Cross courses to take?”

  1. *Secrets* *Of* *Truth* 08 said:

    I don’t know what is offered. I’d be very wise to do the same with my family.

    To me the big two would be cpr, and fire saftey.(fires are really common, and you don’t have but minutes to get everyone together and out of the house god forbid a fire ever occured. Without a plan and knowledge about what to do exactly, it many times ends in tradgedy)

  2. erinjl123456 said:

    CPR and First aid. Very common and basic.
    Depending on the age of your children… they have classes for kids who are “home alone” and babysitting.

  3. mamamia said:

    i would start with the CPR and basic first aid courses and then even fire safety and then go from there. make sure you know cpr, ways to stop bleeding, head wound care and the heimlich maneuver.

  4. fosho22 said:

    I recommend the first aid and CPR. You can also take some water safety courses since summer is here to keep your children safe inthe water.

  5. mommaof4 said:

    Start with CPR and First AID. It is also helpul to know water safety and also general safety courses that are offered.

  6. Maltese Breeder said:

    First CPR, then what to do if someone is in shock, lots of people do the wrong thing here and don’t know the symptoms.

    There is also fire training, swimming training, water safety training, baby sitting training.Lots of things to choose from, and it is good that your interest is in that direction, this will help you and your children to learn what to do in every day situations! —Good Luck with this!


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