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How I can get my boyfriend back?

I need advice on how to make my boyfriend, who recently broke up with me, want me back. We have not spoken for a week. We have been dating for 4 years and i do not want to lose such a special person from my life.

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3 Responses to “How I can get my boyfriend back?”

  1. spam_free_he_he said:

    Talking would be a great start………….

    Kinda tough to answer………why did he break up with you?
    Is there another woman involved? (If so, you need to wait until she’s out of the picture).

    Sorry………until you know why he dumped you, it’ll be a lot tougher.


  2. Astryd said:

    if he left you then dont bother him it just makes it worst.
    Just move on with your life, you will find someone more special, as you get older relationships are better (at least in my case), because you learn from past experiences but never bring the past to your present.

    Move on, I dated a guy for 5yrs and same drama, we broke up with each other a lot, and same situation as you, maybe worst till one day i decided to just move on with my life so i know how you feel, take your time and do you now dont worry bout no man till one thats worth it comes along 🙂

    You will be fine!

  3. Behzad said:

    send him mail or SMS that how u wanna be!


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