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How can I get my ex boyfriend back?

My ex boyfriend and I were on good terms and I was in his life. He doesn’t want to see anyone else, but he doesn’t want a relationship either. I stopped talking to him a couple weeks ago, thinking he’ll miss me and want a relationship. Am I doing the right thing by not talking to him and giving him zero attention? I need advice on what to do to get him back. What will make him want to pursue a relationship again with me? What makes guys want someone?

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5 Responses to “How can I get my ex boyfriend back?”

  1. Maria M said :

    Getting your ex back can be very difficult, considering we often act on pure emotions than on rational thinking – although you do seem to be on the right track by giving him some space.

    My best friend recently went through a breakup and found a website that she claims was the sole reason she was able to get back with her ex.

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but it was pretty remarkable witnessing how she was able to get her ex back after she followed the advice from the website. The tactics are a bit unconventional, but they absolutely work – my friend is proof.

    Here is the website if you are interested – hope it can do for you what it did for my friend:

  2. K B said :

    Many of the problems you may be facing could be just the tip of the iceberg
    on what is really happening in your marriage. I dont mean to scare you but
    many problems when they either first show up or if they keep reoccurring
    could be just whats showing from a larger problem that either you or your
    spouse cannot even see. One of the only things you can do to help is to talk
    honestly and openly with each other in the marriage. If things become more
    serious more serious options need to be looked at as possibilities. I have a
    blog that has more information on some of what I’ve been writing about. If
    you feel like checking it out I would completly suggest it.

    Love is a choice that is made everyday when you wake up and every night when
    you go to sleep. Some days you may not feel the original feeling but love
    isnt a feeling or an emotion. Its an action a verb. Falling out of love may
    just mean you need to spice things up a little or that you were never in
    love in the first place. Don’t just get out of a marriage just because you
    don’t think you like the person anymore.

  3. Sarah-Jane M said :

    Don’t give up hope, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you to move on or just forget about him – you can get him back!

    Here’s a page where you can get a free report that will really help:

    The main thing is not to give up – if you really want him back, you can do it.

    Good luck!


  4. Lucinda R said :

    First of all, just be yourself. Go out have fun with your friends. Don’t sit at home and mope. You may even want to start dating again. No serious relationships but go out on a few dates. When your ex sees that you are capable of having a life without him and that other men find you attractive he may just wise up and realize that he is losing something great.

    There are a few great books on the Internet that can show you how to get your ex back. If you need to find the best ones you should visit this review site that will show you which one is best for you and your situation.

    Visit this site at

    Good luck

  5. loloman said :

    You shouldve at least told him first that your ok with the break up, this way its just gonna make things clear and both of you won’t have to talk in an indirect way all the time. Just the fact that you showed him that side of you leads to the fact that you don’t NEED him anymore, you can move on without him.

    As much as he will feel free from all the stress and all, if he ever loved you in the passed, he’s gonna start thinking about all the pass both of you had. From there on, it should start playing on his mind since its only human since man always wants what he can’t have. The fact that you showed him that, he will feel as if he lost something.

    But from there on, once you told him that, whatever you do, DON’T GO SEE HIM AGAIN OR TALK TO HIM!! As much as you feel like it, don’t do it, your just gonna make yourself look worse. Kinda like begging, it make you look pretty bad.

    Anyways, honestly there is quite a few things you should do but its just step by step really. Just don’t lose hope but at the same time, don’t hurt yourself really. If ever things don’t go as planned remember, don’t be sad because its over, be happy because it happened. good luck gurl 🙂


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