How to get my ex-boyfriend back if the break up was my fault?

We broke up because he was jealous of me hanging out with other guys. We are in the same friends group and all of them are guys. And some of them were flirting with me and trying to touch me. So he was really jealous and left me. He says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone. That he’s just going to be single. We go to the same school and are both 16.

How can I get him back? I understand my mistakes and I regret them.

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3 Responses to “How to get my ex-boyfriend back if the break up was my fault?”

  1. alines said:

    Sorry, but my advice would be to let your boyfriend go. Even if he were to ‘take you back’, you’re not going to be able to date him and also be ‘friends’ with those other boys. My guess is that every time he looks at you and them, he will be upset. It’s good that you learned an important lesson about what not to do when you have a boyfriend. Now leave your ex alone.

  2. zamira said:

    i was with him, i didn’t like him, and i leaved him because he was talking with other girls i was jealous.. now i’m saying to him to come back with me but he has another gf..

  3. zamira said:

    we talk again sometimes i forgot to say:S…


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