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How do you get your ex boyfriend back?

I’ve always tried to figure this out and get advice from friends, and they always say to get over him but they dont understand i dont want to. So please help me.

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4 Responses to “How do you get your ex boyfriend back?”

  1. Arianna said:

    fisrt u need to think..why u guys rboke up first of all then try and fix the issue

  2. Bobbyncy said:

    if you don’t want to,why you take advice!
    do what you like you know much about him,
    so you are the best person to think best,
    my advice is forget the past, find some new friend.

  3. Jayne Edwards said:

    if you pursue him and make him feel bad to the point where he’s so sick of it, he’ll take you back sure, bu he may not love you. also show that you have changed for the better.
    seriously it works. (not the best way but it does work!)

  4. You You you said:

    First of all…give them their space. If they still love you that is a great thing.

    Read some books on the subject. They teach you how to make the right moves which will make him want you back.

    When I first read the books I noticed that all of their suggestions were opposite of what a normal person would do. Once you read the books and start to understand what they are saying you will see that it makes so much sense to follow their ideas.

    I ended up getting my ex back even after we were broken up for four months.

    The blog that explains all of this is located at—10-mistakes-that-you-should-not-make/blog-365563 if you are interested in checking this out.


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