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How do you sneak your girlfriend or boyfriend into your house when your parents are gone?

I live close to my high school and I’ve been bringing my boyfriend over at lunch break for sex but I don’t want my neighbors to find out.

How should I deal with this?

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9 Responses to “How do you sneak your girlfriend or boyfriend into your house when your parents are gone?”

  1. Tom B said :

    tell the neighbors that the bf is helping with revision

  2. ducky lova said :

    make sure window blinds or curtains are closed and that, i dont think they will come and check on you…. so dont worry about it.

  3. ♥Tierneyyy rose ())>-%---♥ said :


  4. ahanix1989 said :

    Kill ’em.

  5. Saskia said :

    Your revising your human anatomy for sex ed class
    Always a Kicker
    People are gonna find out hun, most guys that age are gonna brag eventually and then bye bye goes miss goody two shoes.

  6. liam b said :

    When I was at school it was a lukewarm snog that tasted of Bensons, behind the gym block. Kids these days.

  7. cece said :

    I’m sorry hun, your neighbours probably know whats up by now. There’s no hiding this stuff. Even if you weren’t up to anything believe me they would think that’s what you are up to. Visit the blog;
    and make sure he’s woth the effort and risk. Make sure you protect yourself!

  8. ysie :P said :

    HM .. well .. first of all .. make sure they arnt there, if not then shut the blinds, close the doors. But what i would do is introduce them to your neighbors, make them think that you are just friends. If necessary, act as if you hate eachother, like you are just being tutored or something. Go to your neighbor and ask what they are doing. If they ask or not even, introduce them to ur bf. Say that he is just your tutorer say it like u dont like it. DEr

  9. I Love said :

    Make sure the curtains and blinds are closed. Then sneak him in through the back door. If you don’t think that’s gonna work then tell your neighbors he’s helping you with homework.


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