How do you get your ex- girlfriend back, when she has a boyfriend?

I still like my ex girlfriend a lot and i wanna get back together with her. She has a boyfriend but he doesn’t treat her well. I have a feeling she has thought about being with me again. I just dont know how to tell her how i feel.

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16 Responses to “How do you get your ex- girlfriend back, when she has a boyfriend?”

  1. kitkat5423 said:

    i am having that problem with my ex right now, he is trying to win me back when i am taken.
    it is so annoying.
    if she did not want to be with him, she would break up with him.
    if she wanted you back, she would have done it by now.

  2. Gabe said:

    Just tell her how you feel, bud.

    What have you got to lose at this point?
    If you say that her boyfriend doesn’t treat her well, then there’s a really good chance she’s reminiscing of her relationship with you.
    The way her boyfriend is treating her makes her want to be with you more than she wants to be with him. At least, that’s how I would feel, if my girlfriend treated me worse than my ex girlfriend :/

    Just go for it bro. Tell her straight up how you feel.
    Nothing you can lose at this point.

  3. DLaineG said:

    be consistant. tell he you want her to be happy and you can’t stand to see her with that jerk. say you would want her back but you are more willing to have her happy. we love it when guys care about our happiness. protect her, defend her, and tell her he can’t be there for her like you can. don’t push her, but tell her her happiness means the world to you.

  4. spirit free said:

    There is a reason they become ex’s. Move on. She has her choice and let her live it.

  5. Patrick Bateman said:

    The most I’d tell you to do is tell her how you feel, flat out. But do not go back if she doesn’t offer any reaction to what you say. At that point, move on cos else she’ll just get annoyed and you’ll continue.. not being over her.

  6. Tasha_Nicol3 said:

    move on from her cuz obviously she has. time to qet a new qirlfriend. time to start datinq aqain…NEXT!

  7. Bran said:

    Dont push it give small hints and talk

  8. Om-nom Bacterium said:

    Um you grow up and show that you’ve moved on.

  9. bubbles said:

    well first of all if u guys broke up n u let her go now n she has a bf ..come on boy let her go already ..shes over you cuz if she really wanted to b wit u she woudlnt b wit sum1 else let her b happy if u like her so much..keep out of her realtionship . an second how do u kno he treats her bad ur not there wit them so stop gettin in ..plz…it will jsu make her not lik u n not want u as her friend anymore n u dont want dat

  10. ashley g said:


    u dont want to seem annoying, clingy or even desperate.

    i rele got annoyed when one of my EXs kept implying, suggesting, hinting, Etc tht he wanted me bak

  11. divided skye said:

    you dont moron

    ex girlfriends have the ex in front for a reason

    if failed before and it will fail again

    your probably twelve anyways so dont sweat it you’ll get more

  12. Cristina said:

    you should make a move as soon as possible b4 it’s too late.especially if like you say that guy don’t treat her good she’s probly still into you too. you should take her out some place nice and tell her how you feel.

  13. twilight luver said:

    well that might mean that she has moved on with her like, and mabey that means that u do too. you can always fiind someone else.
    its not like the world it ganna run out of girls who will probably be interesten in you.

  14. Dr. Green Love said:

    Ask her how she feels in her current relationship.

    I say express your feelings to her, but dont over do it. Also, do not pressure her to break up with her current Boyfriend nor pressure her to be with you.

  15. Evette said:

    i think u should be forward about it and talk to her
    if not try and be friends and figure how she feels about the other guy and if shes not happy tell her how u feel and make a move do somthing specail for her

  16. NICK schartz said:

    show her you genuinely care about her well being not just winning the show. be her friend. we guys tend to not befriend a girl too only see it as getting her as a girlfriend. be the good guy she can turn to make her laugh and again show her you actually care about her.
    if you dumped her, realize she may not want to get back with you so thats why its safe to just care for her and be a good friend.

    alot of guys cant be friends with their ex were too weak most the time

  17. Art said:

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