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Guys, what does it take for a girl to get their ex boyfriend back?

What would a girl have to be like or do to get her ex boyfriend back, and/or from his new girl interest?

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8 Responses to “Guys, what does it take for a girl to get their ex boyfriend back?”

  1. Brian said:

    Tell him you are pregnant, that always works.

  2. ekto s said:

    Search for “how to get your boyfriend back” using those words in the quotes. Just read some of the sites and start understanding what it takes.

  3. Justin said:

    honestly it depends on why you two broke up otherwise this cannot be answered. but if you want a surefire way to get him back, get him alone and get naked, slutty but it works

  4. Emily said:

    dont call dont text. make him miss you unless u broke up with him then youll have to work…. google it there is good advice on there.

  5. Mr.A said:

    if he’d wanted you he wouldn’t have dumped you.

  6. keeth said:

    Very broad questions…

    Just ignore him for few days… and sound as you don’t bother about it and then when he gets annoyed with this new performer am sure he ll get back to you… text him once a while with a simple ‘hi’ …

  7. Kanika said:

    never try to get him back..i know its hurts but its right..move on

  8. HAMZA CHAFII said:

    send her/HIM this:


    By Hamza Chafii


    Your goodbye is but deliverance

    I thought it would be sufference

    But it made no difference

    For my heart showed total silence

    Still,I regret your acquaintance

    I wish I prevented your first entrance

    By showing great intolerance

    It’s true, you practised some influence

    when you began your cunning intereference

    You planted your seeds of violence

    I thought they were feelings of confidence

    Now I know you !I leave you !No condolence !

    Your goodbye is but comforting deliverance

    I can fly now free from any penitence

    I have learnt from that, I have enough patience

    I won’t be tricked twice as I’m armed with endurance

    Agadir,Morocco, in 08/05/2010


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