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Do moms tell dads when their daughters start their period?

Just wondering if they did. My friend’s dad is a doctor and her mom told her dad. Her dad was like to her “I heard today was a big day” to her! Can you imagine that?! My dad’s also a doctor, but he didn’t say anything about it. Their different types, my friends dad is a family doctor and mine’s a cariovascular surgeon or whatever, but I don’t think that would make a difference. My parents are really close and everything, but does a mom tell their husband when their daugher starts her period?

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10 Responses to “Do moms tell dads when their daughters start their period?”

  1. What a shambles!!! said:

    I told my mom and before I knew it, the whole family was telling me I was now a woman

  2. MrsRed said:

    My dad had to find out before my mom because my mom was at work. My dad had no clue what to do. He is the youngest of three boys.

  3. Preeti said:

    my mom did the same thing too me.
    as much as i told her not to tell
    she still went ahead and told him

    glad to help!
    good luck : – )
    having period is a drag

  4. Cambria said:

    I have three daughters and yes we tell your Fathers. Even though they freak out when we do. They don’t like to think their little girls are growing up.

  5. Douglas D said:

    I think she might.

  6. Count Duckula said:

    yeah, the mum normally tells the dad. my dad was the one doing most of the shopping, so he would have got concerned about my mum when he was buying double amounts of tampons if he didn’t know lol =]

    i’ve always been closer to my dad anyway. i would have told him first if it wasn’t my mum waiting for me coming home from school that day.

  7. Saray said:

    Most parents do tell eachother about that.It happened to me too!

  8. sweetiepie said:

    Sometimes LOL! I told my mom not to but that didnt work. I get real;ly grumpy when im on mine and my dad was bugging me. I got really really mad. My mom just said leave her alone she is on the dam rag you idiot. LOL! He didnt bug me at all the rest of the day! I think it kinda freaked him out. but god its life for a girl!

  9. Virginia C said:

    I told my husband when his daughter (my step-daughter) did. He works and manages a cattle ranch and he wouldn’t stop to let her take care of things if I didn’t tell him. He is out moving cows pasture to pasture and just keeps working, and since a man doesn’t know what needs to be done, he just didn’t even think about it. And he is fighting the idea that his little girls are growing up, so he just needs a reminder every once in a while.

  10. Nicky said:

    Yes, usually. It’s an important piece of information. Your friends dad’s reaction was a little embarrassing (funny actually), but he probably wanted to share in this with her. It is a big day, technically she became a woman.


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