How should my daughters dress for their 8th grade graduation?

My daughters will be graduating from middle school this spring. They are both tom-boys who are more comfortable in jeans and sweatshirts than dresses.

Some of the girls in their class have been planning their dresses for months, but my girls are showing absolutely no interest in this. I personally don’t care if they wear pants, but is that acceptable?

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9 Responses to “How should my daughters dress for their 8th grade graduation?”

  1. Redd! said:

    id think it would be fine if they wore dress pants n nice shirt

  2. Margua Moore said:

    yes it is don’t try and force them to wear a dress i would hate that

  3. kenzlambert said:

    of course.casual pants,like pin strips,would looke great with a white blouse.

  4. alolki said:

    did you ask your girls…..maybe they have an idea what they want to wear….and go from there…they may surprise you with there ideas….anyway dress pants are fine….

  5. suga78 said:

    yes it is it’s their day so let them dress the way they want

  6. humphrey said:

    I think they should at least wear skirts, though they don’t have to be fancy ones. Maybe a khaki skirt with a simple t-shirt.
    But if it doesn’t bother you, it’s really not worth the fight.

  7. BriarKat said:

    I am going through the same thing. My daughter doesn’t even own a skirt! The middle school will probably have a dress code for the graduation. If you have not gotten the notice yet..i’m sure you will.

  8. Sandra T said:

    Simple! Go one step further, be it a dress, top or hairdo.

  9. Candi is Dandy said:

    How about nice dressy jeans (in a darker color) and a nice shirt. You can’t force a girl in a dress, and they probably wouldn’t be comfy at all…


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