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Best Valentines Idea EVER?

My gf and i broke up a little more than a month ago. I dont know why but i feel like we were soul mates… We wont be together this valentines day but i still wanted to do something very special.
Here is what i wanted to do:
I have a card i made, telling her how great of an influence she was on my life and what an amazing woman she has become….its a lot longer than that, but to paraphrase…
I wanted to give this card to her mom and tell her to give it to my ex on a day when my ex needs it the most, like a day she is just down and out on life.
so when that day comes, that my ex is feeling horrible, she will have this card to read…..and hopefully make her feel better….
good idea or no?

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3 Responses to “Best Valentines Idea EVER?”

  1. Trisha Hogervorst said:

    That is actually a very sweet idea! I think you should do it. 🙂

  2. Mindy said:

    awwwww i know when i have days like that, having something like that would be amazing.

  3. smashley:) said:

    I think this idea is really cute but whether or not you should follow through with it depends on how the break-up was initiated. If she broke up with you then she may find it creepy or awkward that you put the time into making this for her. But if you broke up with her or it was a mutual decision then she will (most likely) really appreciate it and it may even help bring you two closer together. The only flaw with the plan itself is that if it’s meant to be a Valentines’ Day gift, you should personally give it to her on Valentines’ Day. I do like the idea of having her mom give it to her on a day that she’s feeling down, though. It’s up to you: whether you want to make it a special gift or just a nice gesture. 🙂


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