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Besides a Valentine’s day card, what crafts can an almost 2 year old do?

Do you have any cool ideas?

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6 Responses to “Besides a Valentine’s day card, what crafts can an almost 2 year old do?”

  1. TheBestIsYetToCome said :

    Macaroni art?

  2. Auntnee said :
  3. pdooma said :


    Chunky crayons

    Dipping things in glue and putting them on paper – macaroni, cotton balls, buttons, etc. Just be sure you watch they don’t put those in his mouth

  4. Lexi said :

    Do you mean like Valentine’s Day crafts or just crafts in general? If you want Vday specific crafts what about coloring books with hearts.

  5. Busy Mommy of 3 said :

    2 year olds are fabulous at macaroni art!! A cute idea is to take card stock (or any thicker, sturdier paper) and cute out a large heart. Place a picture of your child (or anything you wish) in the center f the heart and have them place fiori (they look likef lowers) macaroni that has been cooked, colored red, pink and purple with food coloring and allowed to dry back up (so they are hard) around the photo. It’s a lot of prep work but it turns out soooo cute!

  6. Busy Barbie 007 said :

    paint or use stickers to decorate a jewlery box, photo frame, mirror.


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