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What’s a good simple, quick thing to write in your friend’s valentine card?

I wuz thinking of just something like, happy valentines day, you’re my bffl or ur my best bud or something

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18 Responses to “What’s a good simple, quick thing to write in your friend’s valentine card?”

  1. anon said:

    i luv u

  2. Megan said:

    Happpy v day! your the best! luv ya! anything like thattt

  3. josh... said:

    idk “happy valentines day, my one and only bffl______!!!”

  4. :} said:

    Thanks for always being there for me.
    Love you, Happy Valentine’s day

  5. Tony R @ Suspended said:

    You love the way,I look at you
    While taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through
    You take away, if I give in
    My life,my pride is broken

    You like to think you’re never wrong
    (You live what you’ve learned)
    You have to act like you’re someone
    (You live what you’ve learned)
    You want someone to hurt like you
    (You live what you’ve learned)
    You want to share what you’ve been through
    (You live what you’ve learned)

  6. Josh S said:

    Love ya hoe.

    ; ) hahah

  7. Emily said:

    roses are red, violets are blue, if you want skeet, i got it for you

  8. David B said:

    fcuk me, be my valentine, or ill eat you alive.

  9. I <3 Edward Cullen! said:

    Happy v-day babiee! =)

  10. Chloe B said:

    Thanks for being there for me when i need u. Thats 1.

  11. Amaya said:

    Good friends are hard to find,
    harder to leave,
    and impossible to forget.
    (quote author unknown)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    EDIT: you could also use:
    “A friend is someone who walks in when everyone else walks out.”
    ~Walter Winchell

  12. Sweetie04 said:

    if u wanna b cute:

    – bestieez buddiezz!!! 😀 ,— jk idk about that

    – make up a valentines day joke up or something. bubt it should be fun and perky!!! 😛 😀 whatever

    – ooh ooh!!! u shuold get 1 of those songs that have music in them!! like u open it and it plays a song!!!!

  13. Black is the color said:

    if your a girl this is what I’d write. (well it is what I’m writing in all of my valentines to my gfriends.)
    “I love you more than any boy ever will!”
    it makes them feel good, because of all of the boy drama in our lives.
    there is more of it than love saddly.

  14. Thumbalena said:

    I believe this is good:
    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Words can’t express how much I LOVE YOU!

  15. aeriol7 said:

    Roses are red , violets are blluee, I cannot spell a lick but neither can you……. I really love only you !

  16. GGirl said:

    Just wanted you to know that I’m glad to have you to share all the awesome times in my life with! Hope you have a happy Valentines Day. Love your BFF!

  17. Janis J said:

    ily baby <3

  18. collin said:

    well i would write something that they would take inspirational of what talents they possess

    For example: Happy Valentine’s Day Soccor champ! OR
    For being my BFF; I sure wish i was the Queen of Hearts OR
    Happy Valentine’s Day to the basketball hotshot!


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