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What would be a good thing to write on a valentines card for the elderly?

Okay Im in this group where we help around my school and the community.And right now were making valentine goody bags then were gonna give them to like the elderly in a nursing home.So what would be some good designs for my cards?? THANK YOU

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6 Responses to “What would be a good thing to write on a valentines card for the elderly?”

  1. Larry said:

    shooooooooo i never had to do that but if i had to do it i would put lots of hearts on the card and make it look realllll special for them

  2. hello7friday said:

    Write a little poem ^-^ I’m sure it will be appreciated

  3. ? said:

    uh, Happy Valentine’s Day?

  4. DR + Mrs Bears face said:

    The elderly are not a different species.
    They feel love the same as any other age group.
    Put the same designs as you would use for anyone else.

  5. drip said:

    sayings- just Happy Valentine’s Day. Use the usual -hearts, cupids, flowers for designs

  6. Toffy said:

    This is a wonderful project and I am so glad you are giving to the Seniors. You may already know that many of them are put in Nursing Homes and forgotten about by their families, with no visiting whatsoever. That said….I would cut out hearts with decorative scissors in 2 or 3 sizes, then stick glue them together. I would probably glitter the edges for some sparkle and eye candy. As for the sayings, yes the normal…Would you be Mine, Happy Valentines Day works just fine. You can glue the candy hearts with hot glue as decorations too….Just tell them not to eat the glue….
    Or make some up like:
    You are the Sparkle in the Star….and make a Star Shape with the glittered edges.
    This project will really be appreciated by them. Remember many of them would not even get candy, chocolates etc….ever. Some are Diabetic, but Sugar-Free Candy is available and not too bad tasting.Baskin -Robbins makes one.
    I worked as the Activities Director at our Local Senior Center for about 3 years. Loved my job.


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