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What is a cute valentines gift idea for my teen boyfriend?

I don’t want to get him anything cheesy but something he would love would be good.
It’s our first valentines day together.
He’s 18 and I am 16.
Thanks (:

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3 Responses to “What is a cute valentines gift idea for my teen boyfriend?”

  1. The Leopard said:

    oragami heart and rose.

  2. Polina said:

    There are the “traditional” gifts: stuffed animals, flowers, candy, a love letter or poem. Clich├ęd, but popular for a reason.

    You could give one of those, but with a personal touch: buy her her favorite candy instead of just a heart-shaped box of chocolates, build her a personalized animal at or have a letter or poem translated into French to make it extra romantic!

  3. Peter Champan said:

    Does he have some sort of gaming system, like Play Station or Wii or one of those? You could get him a football or basketball game, and it will also be a good romantic way for you to be included when he’s in a sports mood because you could compete against him in the game. Also consider inexpensive gadget accessories like iPod cases or iPod docking stations, and computer monitor frames. iFanatic has some cute ipod/iphone/laptop accessories


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