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What are some cute ideas for a valentines day gift for your boyfriend?

Im thinking about making him a box with cute notes, letters, and pictures of us. But i want to keep my options open and i know there are some pretty creative people out there who can help me. I just want this to be the best gift ive given him 🙂

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3 Responses to “What are some cute ideas for a valentines day gift for your boyfriend?”

  1. Autumngirl said:

    Make a card for him with a photo of the two of you. Better yet: Get a photo of him as a child and put it together with a picture of you as a child and insert that into a card. 🙂

  2. roverbule said:

    make up a funny nickname for him

  3. Connie N said:

    This is the most unique gift I ever bought. I had a custom painting done from our pictures. It turned out awesome. I happen to be a huge Anne Rice fan from the vampire chronicles so I had us painted as a vampire mistress and my vampire fledging but you can do anything you want; knight and princess, romeo and juliet, whatever. it can even just be you in the painting if you think that is what he’d prefer.


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