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My girlfriend wants to send another guy a valentine card?

Ok she told me right off that this was a valentine for another guy and asked me to deliver it while I was delivering her mail for her. She told me it is a valentine for a guy much older than her around her dad’s age and he is married. She says has been friends with his wife, Nancy for years. And Nancy and her husband use to always get together with her.

Anyway she said Nancy had emailed her to send this valentine to her husband as a joke. My girlfriend showed me the email her friend Nancy sent her, so she did have proof.

But I don’t know I just feel like I should be the only guy in her life she should be sending a valentine card, excluding her father.

She told me I am way to controlling and said “how can you doubt me?” She said if this is how it is going to be when we marry she doesn’t want to marry me.

Its not that I don’t believe her, I saw the email, I believe her. I just feel a valentines card is special and you should only be giving that to your lover.
Was I wrong to feel this way?

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5 Responses to “My girlfriend wants to send another guy a valentine card?”

  1. browncat79 said:

    This is a joke that was orchestrated by the guy’s wife! She’s not going behind your back. Its not a serious Valentine in any way shape or form. Let it go and laugh. As long as you are getting the serious stuff, its ok.

  2. Kaitlin said:

    Well it is kind of sad that she is giving someone else a valentines card and it is a speicial thing betwee you and the person you love..but if it is a joke..i mean its alrighti guess but i think she just shouldn’t get involved with that crap and leave Valentines Day to you and her and no one else. I think you weren’t wrong to feel that is Valentines day..hope your valentines day is great and hoped this helped!

  3. Deb said:

    Well, yes this does seem alittle weird, but trust your girlfriend. Just let it pass and try to not make a big deal about it. She loves you!

  4. mollio_dancer_30 said:

    don’t worry about it – it seems as though your gf is just sending a sweet card to an old friend. there doesnt seem to be any suspicious stuff. if she insists on sending multiple cards or catching up with him often, look deeper into the situation 🙂

  5. WildOtter said:

    It’s when she doesn’t tell you about it that you have a problem!


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