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Should I send him a valentine card?

I’ve been fallling in love for a taurus man for almost two years. I could feel the chemistry but for some reasons he’s been avoiding me after I told him how I felt. Yeah, he’s stubborn. Everytime when I tried to push us to the next level, I could feel the stubbornness. I’m a leo unfortunately but I’ve been patient with him lately.

I really love him and I don’t know what to do. Last time I asked him out because he might move away and I want to be more than friends but he rejected and said he sees me as a friend and he likes someone else.

I have not seen him for nearly a year because he’s been avoiding me but my feelings for him is so real. I’ve been keeping quiet for a month since last time I asked him out because I don’t want him to freak out more.

Valentine is not so far ahead. If you were me, would you send him a Valentine card to show you still do care tho he hurted your feelings or would you keep quiet and wait and see?
He’s in his late twenties and never has a relationship.

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11 Responses to “Should I send him a valentine card?”

  1. mike baldwins tiny feet said:

    Leave him alone. He makes fun of you behind your back.
    He’s laughing at you right now.

  2. Mushki Mapi said:

    Why not try, theres no wrong in trying, it doesn’t care whether you are a Leo and he is a Taurus. Horoscopes doesnt’ declare the destiny of the people but only give us guide.

    Better to act right now before it will be late for you


  3. capt_n_coke said:

    dont push him ….a card is nice but be clever about it. dont just lay it out there again. suttle i think would be the word.

  4. Green Eyes said:

    If he’s telling you that he sees you as a friend and likes someone else, that is enough to let you know that the chemistry is not there. Don’t push yourself on him, move on with your life and find someone else. Obviously, he doesn’t feel the same about you as you do for him. I think a Valentine’s card will make him feel uneasy. Just be his friend or you will get hurt.

  5. meloca said:

    I say no, doesn’t sound like he deserves it anyways. Sounds like to me you’re a little needy, maybe if you showed some independence, might spark curiosity in him to see what’s up with you suddenly changing your usual behavior?
    I dunno, I wouldn’t bother with trying for Taurus man anyways. They’re just not interesting.
    No offense to my fabulous female Taurus friends.

  6. koolbreezz9 said:

    Regardless of how you feel, if he told you that he see you only as a friend and he likes someone else, it’s time to leave it alone. He’s avoiding you because he doesn’t want to hurt you, but if you keep pushing, you may just get your feelings hurt. Move forward Ms. Leo.

  7. Hoover Blue said:

    lol………cute story

  8. Gipper said:

    Sometimes we strive to get what we can’t have…and I think this is situation at hand. If he said that he only sees you as a friend and that he likes someone else; you need to ask yourself why you keep trying so hard to make him change his stance? Is it just the challenge you enjoy? It is very true that Taurus (the Bull) people are stubborn, but most people fail to realize is that when they finally lose their patience with a nagging issue they will attack to finalize that nagging issue. Please don’t become his enemy. If you are going to send him a Valentine’s Day card as his friend….that’s fine, but don’t expect miracles or you might be setting yourself up for a big disappointment. You sound like a caring, loving person so I would hate for that to happen to you…….

  9. MIssN0rge said:

    well .. there is nothing wrong in trying.. but don’t keep ur expectations too high.. if he is so running away from you don’t you think it is better to realize that he is not interested? As far as i know tauras and leo doesn’t get along that well.. you should accept ur feelings for him..accept that he is not that interested.. and move on.. there is no use of wasting ur energi on someone who doesnt appreciate it .. 🙂

  10. Passion said:

    I would be hurt too if I really cared for someone and liked them and they didn’t feel the same way. I know it hurts a lot and you don’t want to give up on this guy but he clearly doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. Nobody wants to be rejected from someone they like but it happens and that’s life. There is some other guy out there that your supposed to be with. Don’t keep wasting time on this guy when you will keep getting the same answer from him. If he was so into you he would be doing everything your doing. But he’s not. And, then on top of it he says he likes someone else. Don’t continue to have your feelings hurt. Just move on. I know it’s hard but you have to. I wouldn’t send him a Valentine’s card. Valentine’s day will come and that card won’t make things any better. Let him go and watch how things start to get better in your life.

  11. Lina said:

    Forget about him. You tried and he seem like he don’t have any no interest on you. Let him make the move. Don’t send him no Valentine Card. Also, don’t force someone to like you, but just be friend with him that’s it.


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