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GIRLS ONLY!!!! Should I send her an anonymous Valentine card?

Should I send my crush an anonymous Valentine card? Last year, one of my friend bought her a Valentine gram that they were selling at my school and she figured out it was him. I mean, I’m not afraid to do it, but what if she finds out its me who wrote it? If yes, I should write it, gives me some ideas please.

No Roses are red, violets are blue crap please
Thanx ladies, I’ll try it and see what happens

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2 Responses to “GIRLS ONLY!!!! Should I send her an anonymous Valentine card?”

  1. Tori said:

    OMG yess! You should deffinitley do it. i would love for a guy to send me one, but I’d probably not want it to be anonymous bcus than she’d be thinking who is it. Maybe you should just ask her to spend time with you on valentines day. Take her out to dinner and a movie or something you both enjoy doing. Dont overthink it tho, its valentines day ha.


  2. Jen Gold said:

    Yes u should. Write her a card that comes from the heart! IDIOT! If you find something on google or yahoo answers, u don’t deserve her. Write something that u know she’ll love.


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