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Should i buy a Valentine day card on a girl who doesn’t like me?

hello i meet this girl and we talked for a little while but she told my friend she diddnt like me as a boyfriend and i haven’t talked to her since then should i buy her a valentines day card or not

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7 Responses to “Should i buy a Valentine day card on a girl who doesn’t like me?”

  1. Tracy B said:

    no! If you haven’t talked to her i would let it go! Plenty of fish in the sea find one that’ll appreciate a nice guy!

  2. reptar.rawr said:

    yes! do it! it will make her happy. just don’t try to hard to go out with her or else she will get really annoyed. but yes definitely get her something for valentines day! something like will you be my valentine. good luck!

  3. Brittany said:

    Don’t go for the hole big card just give her a little card that says happy valentines day but nothing else except to who and from who

  4. Mmaddee. B said:

    yes Go for it !!! what makes you so sure she isnt playing hard to get..

    when i first met my bf i rejected him and didnt want him lol but he won me over , he was persistent till i fell for him , now i love him more than anything in this world

    u got a shot

  5. amanda w said:

    no, if you really like her and trying to look at you in adifferent light. yes, if your just friends. yes, even if she desn’t like you the way you like her. if its what you want to do it just shows how much you can care for another without havingthe same in return. shows real character and everyone could use that in their lifes. she may not ever like you the way you want but she could always use a good friend. sounds to me like you can it least offer that to her. she just needs to see it. have fun don’t get to bent up about it….

  6. Wolfpup said:

    Go ahead. If they ask why you’re giving it to them say “cant aa friend give another friend a card?” you don’t have to Make it romantic just simple happy nice and short. If she doesn’t like it it is her fault not yours and she most likely doesn’t know what she is missing.

  7. PontNeuve said:

    yes why not. you just give her. If she likes you, she will response you, after..
    if she’s not…all is ok. the “simple gift (like chocolate, rose)” will get no odds


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