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Will my boyfriends like the valentines gift?

I decided to surprise my guys by giving one of the lucky men a baby for valentines day. I stopped taking my pills so I should be one fertile myrtle. Is that not the best surprise ever, they get to have a baby as a surprise and then a surprise as to which one is the father. If only I were a cat I could give them a litter from all of them.

I suppose I should tell you that they all know about each other.

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14 Responses to “Will my boyfriends like the valentines gift?”

  1. bselect618 said :

    thats f’d up. your a hoe bag

  2. selena1745 said :

    that’s not a good idea because there going to get mad

  3. Dandy lion said :

    Agreed. ho fo sho.

  4. desirae m said :

    that is disgusting

  5. ashsretreat said :

    Unless they have stated they want to have a kid with you your about to cause a lot of problems for yourself and them;knowing about another guy dating you and possibly of being 1 to your child whole other ball game.not too mention the fact they may all end up hating you for putting them through it

  6. Ted M P said :

    I have to agree 110% with selena17.

  7. Auntie Pablo said :

    Marvy idea! Oooooh, I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!
    I hope it’s Scoundy’s…*snigger* No, HB’s! *chortle* No, no…Dave’s! *haha, like he doesn’t have enough already* No! No, Ted’s! *guffaw, he’d have the kid working Targets and Casinos overtime*

    All I can say is it’s not mine, the lights were out that time, and everyone knows you can’t get pregnant with the lights out and Barry Manilow playing in the background…

  8. Bruce T said :

    Yes they will like the V-day gift very very much. Reading your profile page you seem very good at what you enjoy.

    It is the Halloween surprise that may make Thanksgiving quite awkward. I can’t see why everyone over looks the question just to give you their comments. Looking forward to seeing you on Maury 🙂

  9. Maggie's HeyBabe said :

    Talk about the gifts that keeps giving. you have outdone yourself.
    And I agree with Ted and Selam 17

  10. Browneyez08 said :

    My money is on Dirty Rotten Scoundrel…..We all know Scoundy has the snip if you know what I’m sayin. But congrats, if your gonna do it right you mine as well have a clown car full of em. Let me know when the pee stick turns purple. And of course a list of Q on baby names cause there is just not enough good names these days.

  11. Maggie Babe said :

    Another Cammryn….just what the world needs!

  12. Scoundy said :

    Make sure you wrap the baby up well and buy it from a reliable store like Mothercare. Oh, and make sure you wrap the guarantee with it.

  13. End of Story said :

    thank god we had the lights off and Barry Manilow playing in the back ground……….or was that Rod Stewert?……. I only looked at the picture on the cd!

  14. Absolute Rotter said :

    What a thoroughly decent egg you are old girl, so giving (And taking quite a bit by the sound of it) Lets hope its octuplets that way your men folk can have one each when you hand them out and no one will feel left out. Tip top.


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