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What’s the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now?

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10 Responses to “What’s the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now?”

  1. Linda said :

    About 3 shots of Tequila.

  2. AznGuy said :

    i’m mr. right now, come on over.

  3. Melody said :

    Mr. Right doesn’t exist and Mr Right now does

  4. Kassandra said :

    mr.what? and mr.what? wtf kinda question is this… a gay one thats for sure wow fagot!

  5. Romulus P said :

    Mr. Right would want to get to know you better-Mr. Right now only wants sex

  6. Cracker Jack said :

    There’s no difference. Someone is either right for you or not.

  7. ***^.^*** said :

    mr.right-need a bf
    mr.right now-freakin out

  8. pickyprincess said :

    Mr. Right Now is the guy that takes care of your needs UNTIL Mr. Right comes along… You ncan have more than one Mr Right Now!!!

  9. Rebecca Elizabeth said :

    mr. right now… i guess is just in the moment… meaning. he isnt forever.
    mr. right.. is the perfect guy 🙂 the forever one

  10. jbean444 said :

    Mr. Right is long term material, and Mr. Right Now is “good enough”, when you can’t find what you want.

    Mr. Right Now = frozen grocery pizza

    Mr. Right = Hot from the oven deep dish from DiGiorno’s in downtown Chicago


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