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What is up w/ these guys coming into the pregnancy section?

I’ve already seen about 4 guys in here giving stupid answers. This isn’t a joking section it’s supposed to be serious. If you want to joke around go to the polls and surveys or jokes and riddles.

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7 Responses to “What is up w/ these guys coming into the pregnancy section?”

  1. vegasvuxeb said :

    some guys are just curious, is it that big of a deal?

  2. Grumble said :

    I don’t think it’s so much guys going “into the pregnancy” section I think it’s more of the question popped up on the main page, as all new questions do, so they clicked on it, and for want of 2 points they just decided to answer it in w/e way they wanted because they don’t actually know anything about it. Btw, I didn’t go to the pregnancy section to answer this.

  3. just me and my crew said :

    everyone is entitled to their own opinions, just ignore them.

  4. Jellybean said :

    Guys are allowed to be curious but they really shouldn’t be posting stupid comments on the pregnancy boards, it’s just rude.

  5. havanadig said :


  6. skinsjoe said :

    I come in here every once in a while. I don’t give dumb answers though. I will give answers based on my wifes three pregnancy experiences. I will not answer anything that talks about how you feel though. I could never imagine how you feel and that would make me look stupid. You will see a few who do try to give good answers.

  7. Maria said :

    It happens in all the sections, very irritating when you want a serious answer! Probably because it’s anonymous and they can get away with those kind of things.


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