How many weeks into your pregnancy did you experience your first symptoms?

Just looking for personal experiences… How early did you first start to experience pregnancy symptoms? And what were the most prominent ones?

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11 Responses to “How many weeks into your pregnancy did you experience your first symptoms?”

  1. lil_ms_playful7 said:

    the nausea at 5 weeks and actual throwing up at 6 weeks omg that was the worst. it lasted til my 10th week but luckily dnt get it anymore but i think its cuz im ending the trimester..and really sore boobs that hurt so bad.

  2. anfmilf said:

    My first my I started morning sicness around 8 weeks. Second around 6 weeks (that one was a m/c) 3rd preg my boobs were really sore and i was really tired at 5 weeks (m/c that one to) 4th same as the the 3rd at 5 weeks. Now my 4th (and wish me me luck) at 3 weeks my boobs were really sore and so far at 6 weeks almost nothing else!

  3. Angel said:

    I had cramping from the week my peroid was due until about 8 weeks. It felt like mild peroid cramps. I had queasiness from week 5 til…well I’m pretty much still queasy. LOL. I get evening sickness, so right around about 8:30 or 9 at night I start to feel nauseaous. I also got some hormonal headaches.

    The mood swings are probably the worst right now. I go from weepy to screaming in like 2 seconds. Hopefully it’ll even out now that I’m in the second trimester!!

  4. srm8824 said:

    I didn’t have very many. I wasn’t sick that much but really nauseous. AND EXTREMELY TIRED!! I didn’t get symptoms until around 6-8 weeks.

  5. Sociopathic Pirate Wench said:

    Back aches at 20+ weeks! Yes, that was the first for me. I thought I’d just done something to my back to hurt it, but turned out I messed up on BC and was pregnant. 😛

  6. Julia Marie (due 11/30/07) said:

    I first felt the first symptoms at 4 weeks!!! My breast were VERY sore and larger then i remembered, it was like an overnight change. About a week later a started throwing up, morning sickness in the middle of the night, the worst ever, it felt worse then cramps, but luckly it only happened 2 nights.

  7. victoria s said:

    6 weeks

  8. santhony816 said:

    I think araound 5 weeks (starting with nausea, then moving to vomiting and SORE boobs), and it got worse until about 10 weeks, I’m still tired as hell, and gag over everything and my boobs are probably still just as sore I’m just used to it.

    Some people are lucky enough not to get any symptoms, I had none with my first two pregnancies, now this baby is kicking my behind…..

  9. dsrrae03 said:

    With my first, it was right before my period was due, I have very sore breasts, they felt swollen. Then at 6 weeks I started to feel nauseous and vomiting. I am now 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with no prominent signs of pregnancy. My breast are a little sore, but nothing much. And smells have bothered me, but no morning sickness yet!!

  10. crystalgrajeda said:

    4 weeks with my first pregnancy which was a miscarriage, I had a bit of morning sickness and I had fatigue, had to take a nap every day. 3 weeks with second, fatigue and 4 weeks with morning sickness. Never vomitted. My breast was terribly sore and swelling with both of the pregnancies. Also some cramping which was my uterus growing.

  11. katalah said:

    within 2 weeks I couldn’t stand the taste of a cigarette…by 4 weeks I was throwing up all day long and then no period was the final.


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