What is a good rap song to get my girlfriend back?

i made the wrong decisions with her & i wan to fix it all, i need something i can sing to her to get her back.
please help

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8 Responses to “What is a good rap song to get my girlfriend back?”

  1. Kally G said:

    honey, to be honest…. a song is gonna get NO girl back.. that only happens in the movies… if you made wrong choices then you have to show her you changed… and that can’t be done thru singing a song… sorry

  2. China said:

    foolish pride

  3. Louis said:

    How about an original song made by you? o.O

  4. jkaddy said:

    u got a problem? by ludacris. haha

  5. KATIEā™„ said:

    drake maybe he has songs about love

  6. Big O said:

    Gimme That Nut- Eazy E

  7. Knowledge Reigns Supreme said:

    Ex-Girl to the next girl-Gangstarr

  8. jen h said:

    Hit ‘Em Up – 2Pac


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