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What can i do to get my ex-girlfriend back?

Plz help i love her so much. She said she liked it better when we were friends. But i liked it better when we were going out. What can i do to get her back. PLZ HELP ME!!!!!

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11 Responses to “What can i do to get my ex-girlfriend back?”

  1. Luce said:

    if u want her back so badly, do whatever she wants… that always works =]

  2. Donnie said:

    Don’t do whatever she wants!! like the answer says below, or else then you may be more of a tool. Keep your distance, so then she may come back to you. Maybe do something cute for her, like buy her dinner or ice-cream. lol. but good luck man!!

  3. Jeff H said:

    Well, first you have to understand what she had said to you. It will do nothing other than make the situation worse if you coerce her in any way, by that I mean plead to her about getting back with you.

    She made to you a request to simply be friends. As someone who cares for her, it should be your goal to respect her decisions.

    Showing that you are more than willing to respect her decisions will certainly affect her opinions about you. She will be happy to see that you respect her, and the decisions she makes.

    Although you may want to be with her, that does not mean that she is required to be with you. Showing her you have life outside of her can incite intrigue from her, nonetheless improving your odds of getting back with her.

    I do hope this helps you, good luck!

  4. Frank M said:

    It’s tough when you really love someone and they don’t feel the same way. That’s what it appears to be here.

    Seems like things were a lot more fun when you guys were just friends. Maybe she felt less pressure when you were friends, so back off a bit.

    Some times when you love someone sooooo much, you smother them or impose too much. Lighten up.

    Show her you have a life outside of her. And for God’s sake, don’t end up trying to get back with her by doing whatever she wants. She wont respect you.

    I know it will be tough but stay away from her for awhile. This will intrigue her enough so that she may end up coming back to you.

    If you need more help, seek out this resource below, it really helped me mend things with my significant other.

  5. Matt said:

    She’s giving you a clear message when she says she liked it better when you were friends. You need to identify what was different when you were friends in comparison to when you were going out.

    Get the friendship going and put her at ease. You never know what might happen.

  6. Leah said:

    She is more into you as friends so if you could possibly get her back, then you need to change her mind on that. Do something really romantic for her like writing a song for her, or bringing her a box of chocolates or flowers when shes sad. Something creative that shows you care. Be flirty when your with her, and act like your her best friend. Call or text her a lot (as flirty friends). Be very caring, ask her to go on a friendly date to the movies with you and be very sweet. (like opening her car door, letting her wear your jacket, paying, buying her a drink, etc.) Hopefully she will soon relise it was a mistake leaving you. When your both looking in each others eyes after awhile of ‘friendly dates’ tell her how you feel and that you would do anything for her. (take her hands while you say this) And then ask her to be yours again.

  7. Dave said:

    There must be a reason why she thinks its better when you two are friends.

    You need to figure out why. I read a blog that explained what you can do to get her back.

    I’ll leave the link below for you to read.

    I hope this helps…

  8. puahelpdesk said:

    The Top 5 Things That Prevent You From Winning an Unrequited Love Or an Ex.

    Being really into someone who isn’t into you is
    all too common and can be very painful. You
    want to win her over but you just don’t know
    how. Well first, you have to stop what you’re
    doing now to turn things around. Here are the
    top 5 things that guys do to make an unrequited
    love or an ex stay that way.

    1. You’re too needy. I bet you’ve heard this before
    a million times…but what does it mean exactly?
    It means you are letting her know that you think
    she’s above your level. No one wants to be around
    people who are lower than them on the food chain.
    Have you ever had a male friend who was just too
    eager to please you or hang out with you and was
    desperate and needy a little? It’s kinda creepy and
    makes you not want to hang out with him. Same with

    2. You’re too weak. No I’m not talking about muscles
    here, but a personality trait. You let her walk all
    over you and don’t speak up for yourself. Women
    want a strong man. It’s not so much that nice guys
    finish last and jerks get all the women…but weak
    men finish last and strong guys get all the women.

    3. Your voice and body language aren’t showing
    sexuality. So many times when you’re really into
    someone you get a little afraid of them and afraid
    of them rejecting you and so don’t express your
    true intentions and your masculine sexuality. This
    is normal, but it will not get you to where you want
    to be at all.

    4. She knows she’s won you over completely.
    Women love a challenge. You are not a challenge
    at all. She’s already won you over completely and
    she knows it.

    5. You don’t think you deserve her. How you act on
    the outside comes from what you think and feel on
    the inside.

    If you’ve been behaving in any of the above manners
    or any other kind of behavior that has caused her
    to not be interested you can bet that the cause is
    in your own mind and your self esteem. Having an
    unrequited love can be very painful and confusing
    at the same time. Stopping the above behaviors will
    immediately increase your chances with her.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  9. Ne said:

    A lot of people believe that there are ways for getting your ex back!
    There are some things you can do or not do that will increase your chances of getting back your ex.
    Here is a great website on how to get your ex back:

  10. C0MMITED2MYCITY said:

    im going through the same thing…
    my girlfriend broke up with me a couple days ago..
    and we were going out for a year and 6 months,,
    and damn i really love her and miss her..
    and she doesnt care…. and its hard to belive
    cause we were both really in love and in to eachother
    i feel ur pain man..
    we just have 2 keep our distance for a bit..
    and let them have there space..
    and hope that theyll come 2 there sences…
    dont call her or text her a lot…..
    i was kinda doing that and i figured out that just
    pisses them off.. and theyll ignore us more..
    so leter have her space.. then ask her out.. and hope it works

  11. Colleen M said:

    Write a prayer.


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