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What are some ideas for decorating a Valentine box?

For a boy? I have seen a lot of ideas for girls, but not for boys. My son needs to bring a decorated container to school for Valentine card collection. He doesn’t want to decorate it with hearts and flowers and stuff like that. Any ideas? Thanks!

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5 Responses to “What are some ideas for decorating a Valentine box?”

  1. samalam said:

    have him decorate it the way he wants to

  2. phongkhue2000 said:

    you could ask him what he likes and u could do it

  3. Autumn217 said:

    I have a daughter but I searched some things online and found that you can buy a gift bag (red – or whatever color you want. A boy color would be ok too!) It doesn’t have to be red, or pink! You then can decorate the bag as a character. The one I found had a big heart face glued to the front of the bag. The heart had eyes and a mouth. The mouth was cut out so you could put cards through it. Then there were accordian arms and legs that dangled. You could make up some crazy face for a boy. I thought it was a great idea and you could change it up to whatever you wanted.

  4. pretty girl said:

    I just ran across this and have a great idea that I’m using for my little sister’s but it would work for a boy- A 80s or 90s boom box just decorate it like that and where the cassette goes in make it where it will allow the cards to go in.

  5. Dawn said:

    I wrote up a how to project on how to do this, and you can customize it to be more boy centric:


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