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What are some good valentine date ideas?

I’m going on a date with some girl who I met a couple weeks ago it’s cold outside here

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13 Responses to “What are some good valentine date ideas?”

  1. Aniya said:

    movies or go for a meal or both, bowling,

  2. vitreous said:

    Well you could take her to the movies, you could go out to eat somewhere or even though it’s cold do something fun

  3. Sophie158 said:

    i would take her to a restaurant or cook meal at home if possible & a movie

  4. Chubby~Bunny said:

    Maybe you could invite her over and make her some dinner and watch a movie together. If you get cold you can cuddle lol. 🙂

    Or you could always go for movie and dinner and such, but those places will probably be packed full of other couples of all ages.

  5. echarmed12 said:

    awww Invite her over and watch a movie. Make something good like chocolate fondue

  6. JennyV said:

    Take her to the movie’s, have dinner, give her a rose!

  7. Daniel said:

    hang out a your house watch some movies together

  8. diva said:

    movies, eat, it shouldn’t matter as long as your together

  9. Leah said:

    take her to where you first met, then to your first date. you should take her to watch dear john and some dinner(:

  10. the others said:

    Cold is so romantic for valentines day! Have a snowball fight with alllll you guys’ mutual friends! It’ll be amazingly fun, and not awkward or anything cause it’s with everyone! Then go to your house (just the two of you, so it’s not a casual hangout for the WHOLE time) and snuggle up and celebrate the day of love with some hot cocoa! That’d be soo sweet and I’m sure she’d love it.
    If there’s no snow up where you guys live, try an outdoor sport instead. There’s nothing better than cuddling up after a nice round of tackle rugby (plus, that’s an excuse for you to show off your rugby skills to her and her friends, and it’s an excuse for you to pin her to the ground!!)

    Good luck! <3
    Help with mine? (:;_ylt=Aqx3DwRCE5hHkPGxKe27MQzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100205182320AAx9rXS

  11. mrbtherabbit said:

    If it’s cold enough – ice skating?

  12. Sammikins said:

    I don’t suggest the movies. It’s incredibly common and predictable. You can’t talk during the movies and sit quietly until it’s over for nearly 2 hours. And couples usually go to make out. If that’s what you’re going for…well…then I guess look up some movie times.

    I suggest doing something fun and active. Bowling, rock climbing, indoor gaming (like laser tag. Some places have outside go karts which is fun too). Doing something fun and active together leaves more room for bonding and shows her you’re fun and want to take her places so she can have fun. It’s also nice to be out in public for Valentine’s for a period of time because it gives a brief period of time to dote on her and that you’re proud to be with her.

    Going out to eat is popular and fun. You don’t have to go somewhere expensive, but I do suggest picking out something with a tasteful atmosphere. You can even go a step ahead and either cook at home or order out and go home to watch a movie at the end of the date. You can go pick out a movie together (let her get what she wants) and watch it at home after or during dinner. Making desserts a lot of fun to, especially anything dealing with chocolate (something messy that’s fun to clean up).

    It’s really about making her feel special. Let her have her way for the day.

  13. Michael G said:

    This is Michael G from;

    A fun date in cold weather is always the dinner and a movie date. The problem is that sometimes this date can be a little too generic and not memorable.

    Put a little spin on this classic by making the dinner together! Both you and the girl can become chefs and try to make something from scratch. This is fun because not only are you and your date able to have conversation but you both are interacting with each other and are experiencing a created dish that both you and your date never expected!

    Always have a back up dish though just in case your dinner does not necessarily taste as planned and have a pre-made dessert of some kind ready after. Or coffee/tea since it is cold.

    Remember that the food is not important but the interaction with your date is what really matters.

    As far as the movie, Choose something that is lighthearted. Maybe a movie like UP or 50 first dates. Stay away from any macho man movie (unless she like those) and ESPECIALLY horror movies.

    Relax and have fun with the date!


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