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Me and my husband have two totally different views on sex?

My husband puts sex on a high pedistool, and it isn’t really that big of deal to me. No matter how great everything else is between us, he always mentions how he is unhappy because we are not hgaving enough sex.I can cook dinner every night, clean the house every night, and let him hang out with his buddies when ever he wants. How can I get him to realize there is alot more to a marriage and our relationship then sex?

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6 Responses to “Me and my husband have two totally different views on sex?”

  1. RAVEN said:

    how can he get you to realize there is more to a marriage than cooking dinner, cleaning a house and letting him hang with his buddies?

    that’s what marriage is all about

    you cannot possibly “trade off” cooking and cleaning for lack of interest in sex
    i dont think you should fake being a sex kitten either
    but you need to try and find a more common ground

    wasn’t this apparent before you got married??

  2. Autumn Richards said:

    you cant he is a man

  3. Just Alice said:

    All men are selfish and manipulative, you obviously do your best as a wife, don’t let his bleatings be heard, he’s trying to push your button.

  4. High Roller said:

    You’re thinking that if you do everything else right, your husband will excuse you from having sex with him; but it doesn’t work that way. If he’s being unreasonable and wants sex every time your head hits the pillow, it’s understandable that you’re burned out. But if he’s not being unreasonable, and if there’s nothing physically wrong with you, he has every right to expect a normal sex life with you. If you keep putting him off, he’s either going to cheat on you, or you’re going to lose him. Take your pick.

  5. nanah said:

    He can go to a laundramart and have his clothes done, go to a restaraunt for meals and have to pay someone to clean his house without getting emotionally attached to any of those service providers . You are his wife, the only one who can give him sex. Sex is the only thing that he cant buy (of course one can from the prosts) and therefore you have to be on the same level when it comes to sex. PLEASE dont mention sex in the same line as the other duties because it will sound like a duty.

    Husband and wife dont have SEX, they make love.

  6. Jade M said:

    Try compromising; he’s feels that he is not getting enough, you feel that you are getting too much…meet in the middle.


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