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How do I get my Breast milk supply up? Why would all of a sudden it stop,when Im not doing anything different?

I have a month old baby I have been breast feeding and pumping . One morning woke up and went from being able to pump 8 ounces in the morning to 1 ounce. Now It seems like I have no milk .

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13 Responses to “How do I get my Breast milk supply up? Why would all of a sudden it stop,when Im not doing anything different?”

  1. Storm Crow said:

    My wife used to tell me that when the baby cried, it made her produce like crazy. Hope this helps.

  2. Lioncourt said:

    I know that this sounds crazy but it works and i didn’t car to do it but the results are amazing!!! Drink one or two beers per day and yo uwill have more milk on your hands than you could have imagined!!!! That was my predicament, and i mean it when I say that is what the doc told me to do..worked within one day!!!!

  3. aprildin said:

    Go to They can tell you what things to do to assist you with getting more milk. I took the vitamins they recommended Fenugreek and it help me lots. Good luck!

  4. dkshados said:

    It has been 15 yrs since I breast feed. But a few simple questions are you hydrated enough. Have you decreased your night time feeding. If you are at home or are able to pump more ofter to stimulate lactation. Are there any lactation support in your area. The hospital usually gives you some info. I had many problems with my 3 children. Not enough or to too much and I leaked constantly. Nipple biting. There are many support people out there. But most of all you can call your doctor to get the info. Yes the previous person had the site They are great

  5. Skulkarn said:

    Pumping doesnt necessarily reflect what you actually have in there. Sometimes milk supply can change randomly. Is baby happy nursing? Seem satisfied when finished, or crying and upset?

    Any chance you could be pregnant? Any chance you could be getting your period back? Any chance you are getting sick? All of these things have a tendency to drop your supply suddenly.

    To boost your supply, nurse/pump frequently; drink lots of water; oatmeal helps (any form – cereal, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal granola bars), as do supplements like fenugreek. check the link below for other tips.

    Good luck!!! Best wishes to you and your little one!

  6. zinntwinnies said:

    A number of things could be the problem.

    First you need to understand that the milk you pump may appear to be far less than what your baby is actually getting straight from the breast. A baby sucking is far more effective than a pump.

    Illness can affect production, dehydration, even stress.

    Try pumping more often using a HOSPITAL grade type electric pump. Any old pump will not increase production. Try to do a peaceful day with baby and you in bed and nursing on demand. Drink lots and lots of water. Warm showers or baths with baby might help too.

    If all else fails you need to call your lactation consultant so she can get to the bottom of the problem.

  7. qtiequawn said:

    When you first start nursing, some womens body produces a lot more milk then what they need. This is why you were able to pump so much in the beginning. My first 2 weeks I was able to pump 12 extra ounces after every feeding. All the sudden my milk was gone. I freaked out and it was for no reason. Your body starts to get use to what the baby needs and will only produce that. It could do a little more at times. But it’s there! If your baby isn’t fussy after the feeding then your milk is being supplied to fit your babies needs. How can you get more. Start pumping after every feeding. It’ll take a few good times to do this. Maybe even a day or to. But more milk will come in. Good luck to you and congrats on your newborn.

    ~Proud mother of a 20 week old baby girl~

  8. LT said:

    When I went back on my birth control pills my milk supply went down alot, I only had taken them for 4 days and I stopped and about a week later my milk was back up. Also when you have your period your milk will go down. Don’t stop nursing and/or pumping or your milk will not come back.

  9. itah said:

    you should drink more liquid. milk, water, juice. when
    I was breastfeeding I couldn’t drink a lot of liquid because I would produce lot of milk. plus you should take some prenatal vitamins they help too.

  10. ♥Virgo 11♫ said:

    You still have milk. Don’t worry! Your supply doesn’t dimish over night. You were probably stressed or too tired when you tried to pump. Relax and try again when you’re more calm.
    For your milk to flow quickly, you need to trigger what’s called the “letdown reflex.” Your body naturally does this when your baby feeds from you and you feel comfortable together. It takes practice to be able to pump and letdown milk without your baby attatched to you.

    If pumping doesn’t work, try feeding your baby naturally. Pump every 2-3 hours. It gets easier, I promise.

    I went through the same thing when I was pumping for my son. I couldn’t pump more than an ounce on this one afternoon. I got really scared and discouraged. The “experts” (people who fed their babies formula) were telling me to quit breastfeeding because I didn’t have enough milk and the baby would starve. It wasn’t true. I was just stressed out from all the pressure. So annoying! My milk started flowing again when I could be alone with my son. I’m happy I didn’t listen to them.

  11. VG said:

    Try Fenugreek tea. They have it at any Whole Foods stores.

  12. stephanie said:

    Check out the site below. Le Leche League International is a great resource for breastfeeding moms. There are articles on almost anything you can think of or have problems with.

    Most areas also have a local league and you can connect with other bf mom’s in your area which provides a great level of support.




  13. Christen said:

    A lot of things affect supply. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting lots of rest. On days that I drank less water – I had less supply.

    On your pumping days – days that you haven’t breastfed the baby you’ll probably pump more. It also depends on how much your baby is eating (of course you can’t tell since you’re breastfeeding….) But when the baby goes through a growth spurt, he or she will nurse more often, but this will increase your supply.

    Ways to increase your supply: lots of fluid, adequate rest (yeah right lol), nursing frequently, and some people say eating oatmeal helps.

    Levels of prolactin are highest in the morning (I believe it’s 1 am – 5 am) so that is usually why you’re producing more in the morning.

    Don’t expect to get the same amount from the pump everyday. It tends to fluxuate based on a lot of factors. Your supply will adapt to what your baby neesds.


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