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Is this a good Valentines Gift Idea?

I have known this girl for only 4 months now but we both like each other a lot. Although things are a a bit of a stand still due to some personal relationship problems she is dealing with. So we haven’t really made much progress. But i was thinking of buying a scrap book or making one and leaving it completely empty but leaving a note or something on the first page that reads, “I hope that you and I can make memories together.” So yea that’s it. What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Is this a good Valentines Gift Idea?”

  1. Holly Sammut said:

    I love it, i think its a great idea and shows the real you.
    How sweet. Not many men are open to that stuff so its unique.
    Good luck and i hope she likes it 🙂

  2. Ashley Poor said:

    Buy a banana!

  3. Eleanor said:

    I think that’s a brilliant idea!
    It something that doesn’t cost a lot, but shows you put some time and thought into something she keep and treasure forever!
    If you have some photos of you and her already, maybe put a couple in, and then leave the rest blank for her to put some photos in and all the future ones (:

    Hope this helped and good luck (:

  4. awesomerohit said:

    Hey thats really awesome. Its really cute man.
    Sorry but i am gonna steal this idea..
    Its dam awesome..These are what girls love.
    dude but u better make those memories

  5. October 2011 Bride said:

    sounds sweet and romantic. I’m sure she’ll love it. I have a scrapbook that my parents bought me for christmas, and I have filled it with photos, old ticket stubs from movies, even a map and ticket stubs from our trip to Kings Island and Cedar Point. She’ll love it


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