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How to have a nice and yet inexpensive wedding?

Thank you Barbara for the Wonderful Advice
Thank you Jenny

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4 Responses to “How to have a nice and yet inexpensive wedding?”

  1. Barbara B said:

    Dear one,

    The first thing is to decide on your date, then your budget. The cheapest wedding is going to the courthouse and getting married. The cost varies from state to state – but $50 – $100 is about right.

    The next is to do a simple ceremony maybe in your parents’ living room or backyard with just a few friends, punch and cake and an officiate to perform the ceremony. Cost will be in the $500 range for a wedding dress, flowers, cake and punch.

    It goes up from there. So, it’s up to you to decide what “inexpensive” really means.

  2. Jenny Lynne said:

    First you need to decide if you are going to have a civil ceremony or a small wedding, a civil ceremony is much less expensive. If you want a small wedding, decide where (a week day is usually much less expensive than a Fri or Sat night) check with clergyman, decide on bridesmaid’s, purchase your dress, have a budget on flowers and tell them upfront what you can spend and shop around to see who can give you best and most for your price, decide on reception and what you will serve (avoid an after 5 p.m. wedding or sit down dinner). Good luck!

  3. soc said:

    you need to have good and valid reasons to convince them for not going to thailand.

  4. missy79 said:

    The most costly items in typical weddings are:

    Catering & Venue ($60 – $80 per person when you consider all the rentals)
    Wedding Dress

    If you can, find a free venue, offer hors d’oeuvres instead of a full meal, invite 50 or fewer guests, forgo alcohol, forget flowers, and get an inexpensive dress instead of a bridal gown.


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