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What is a good icebreaker game to play with a wedding party?

My Fiance and I are having a get-together for our wedding party and some close family members. We would like to play a game with the wedding party so they could get to know eachter a little better. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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6 Responses to “What is a good icebreaker game to play with a wedding party?”

  1. Le Joe said :

    Edward Fortyhands. I think it would be a tremendous icebreaker!

    Heh heh, at least you would get some hilarious pictures out of it.

  2. Sapphirebullet said :

    One of my favorite ice breakers is the penny game.
    Everyone gets together and pulls out a penny or other loose change. Have a bowl with spare change available, just in case some folks don’t carry cash.
    Each person chooses three pennies, with different production years.
    The person with the oldest penny goes first. They share an event or memory associated with the year on each penny.
    For example, I just pulled some change out of my pocket.
    * 1994: that was the year I got my first car.
    * 2000: that was the year my daughter was born.
    * 1996: the year I finished college.
    But I’m a bit older than most women on this forum. If Jane is 20 years old, this game wouldn’t be as much fun.
    * 1994: Jane would have been 5
    * 2000: Jane would have been 11
    * 1996: Jane would have been 7
    The older the crowd, the more fun this game is.

  3. Suz123 said :

    You write: What is a good icebreaker game to play with a wedding party?

    None. I hate that kind of thing.

    Please trust that your friends and family are civilized adults, people who know how to act and converse at a party. Adults don’t need games. They can interact without your assistance. They go out into the world and do it every day.

    Please, please skip the icebreaker games. Lots of people (like me, for example!) just don’t like them . . . and some may feel insulted that you don’t think they can handle polite party conversation without assistance.

  4. temeculawebbuilder said :
  5. August M said :

    There was a game I wanted to play at my Sister shower. I think it’s called the purse game. Everyone writes down on a piece of paper an item like a condom or pantyhose. Then after everyone writes things down someone calls the items off at random and if someone has that item in there purse/pocket they win a prize!

    Sounds like a game to laugh and bond with.

  6. Kimberly said :

    Helium Balloons in shades of your soon-to-be
    Wedding filled with a question.
    Each guest pops a balloon (or sits on it to bust
    it). Questions can be…Best place you vacationed.
    Favorite color and why
    Questions depends on how much you want to know.
    If you want to break the ice. Have a handful of balloons
    for your fiancee to break first (same for you), then invite
    guests to pop balloons.


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