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How to get my girlfriend back?


I have just split up with my girlfriend and i really want her back. I’ve tried giving her flowers and chocolate but she says that isnt good enought for her anymore. I am really worried now that we wont get back together.

Please help

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11 Responses to “How to get my girlfriend back?”

  1. da beast said:
  2. Tom M said:

    Well if you did anything you should say your sorry or you can make a really romantic love Note it has worked for me maybe for you

  3. ☆ spitzer ☆ said:

    Avoid her. I am serious. I had an ex that tried to get me back by buying me things….and though she might feel bad and get back with you, it will be for all the wrong reasons. Let her go and if she comes back then it’s meant to be!!

    please answer the bottom question:

  4. btchplzz77 said:

    ehh, grass is always greener…eh? been there, done that. trust me. its not. congrats on your second chance at life. Go, son, and enjoy the fruits of being single.

  5. Emily said:

    you really need to prove to her that you love her and want her back, not only by giving her things, but by being thoughtful and sweet. If that doesn’t work, then you need to let go for a while and hopefully things will work out

  6. Smile babii...x said:

    Awwrrhhh 🙁
    Let her see this question.. it made me love you :L
    Loool, no but seriously. maybe shes not worth it if you love her that much and she dosent care back?!?! x

  7. Margie said:

    You’re name is really unique. And uh tell her that she means everything to you, that you couldn’t live a day without talking/seeing her. Give her something from your heart. Just buying her stuff wont fix what she feels for you. She would just think that you’re trying to buy her love. That’s really not what its all about. and Oh and if you could do all of this on top of a building and pretend like you’re about to jump off. She’d feel as if she were in an uncomfortable position so she’d say yes.

  8. JJ said:

    What is really important to consider is the reason for the break up. Who is at fault, and who lost most interest.

    It’s not about “the perfect way to get a girlfriend back”. It’s about understanding the situation, and acknowledging what needs to be done to solve the problem.

    Think about it first. When you’re ready, ask if you can talk to her about your relationship. Say that you want to work everything out; how you don’t want to lose her.

    This is really all about what you think is right to do. You shouldn’t be asking others “what do I do to get my girlfriend back”.

  9. crystal said:

    what made you split up with her in the first place?

    us women go into a (dont want anything to do with you mode) but you need to handle it in a certain way.

    personally id book a table in a resturant give her a tx and tell her that you want you both to work and that you like sometime to talk.

    if she ses no then try this
    women love attention but hate it if they dont get any so
    dont tx her and give it a few days and she will contact you.if she dont then i guess you have blown it im afraid

  10. Chloe said:

    Hello Kris,

    I might be able to help you there. Buying a gift is fine but if you buy to many she might think your buying her love back.

    I would suggest you give her some space and time and see if she comes around.

    Also i think you will find this very helpfull.

    It has a lot of information on it on how to get your girlfriend back. It helped my friend get his gf back when they split up.

    Dont get to upset about it and i hope it works out for you.

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