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How many resolutions have you already broken?

I made a bunch of New years resolutions, but I’ve already broken one of them…I smoke, and I had one.

Anybody else already disappoint themselves?

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5 Responses to “How many resolutions have you already broken?”

  1. crazigrl said:

    dieting – i need to eat the parties leftovers! And after that I’ll still fail

  2. Lucy said:

    I haven’t really made a solid resolution yet. The key is to wait until a few weeks after New Year. Making a New Year’s Resolution often leads to it being broken but if you make it a few weeks later it gets rid of the pressure, you can just kinda get on with it.

    I might give up crisps…I’m not sure yet.

  3. --Breeze said:

    Diet. I’m already eating after eights. :/

  4. Clarice Starling™ said:

    Yeah, one of mine was to get my sleeping schedule back on track tonight, but instead I just never went to sleep & have been awake since 2 PM yesterday….and that made me break my other resolution to exercise in the morning, cause now I haven’t got any energy from lack of sleep 🙁

    Ugh I’m a mess already xD

  5. Boum said:


    I broke 2 addictions resolutions.

    Bad bad Boum 🙁


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