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How long is it before you get morning sickness?

I’m having an argument with my friend who thinks shes pregnant because she’s felt sick and gagging for hte last four days and cramps and whatnot (only at night too) which she relates to having unprotected (duh) sex with this guy about three weeks ago.
I think it could be an STI, not pregnancy. Who is probably right or could either of us be wrong?

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9 Responses to “How long is it before you get morning sickness?”

  1. Jessica R said:

    I didn’t get morning sickness until 8 weeks.

  2. noodles said:

    i guess it depends, my sister was feeling nauseas before she even found out she was pregnant.
    But then i have heard of people getting pregnancy symptoms because they want to be pregnant but arent.
    Best thing is get a PT so she can fnd out for sure, if she isnt then tell her to get the std check.

  3. Courtney D said:

    i only had morning sickness twice throughout my whole pregnancy. it happened when i was around 4 months.

  4. 32 weeks with #1 said:

    I got morning sickness at 6 weeks. you could both be wrong lol she can take a test in a week or 2. or she can go to the dr to get checked for STI’s! Hopefully its neither.

  5. Isabel said:

    I got nauseated about the time I missed my period (two weeks after I had sex)… and I started barfing two weeks later. But everyone is different. She could be pregnant… she could also be getting ready to have her period. Or it could be an STD… but it doesn’t sound like one to me.

  6. chloe is due ♥march 22nd♥! said:

    I got morning sickness at week 6. blahh it was horrible.

    The only way to know is if she missed her period and she takes a test.

  7. *Angel*-due jan.26th w/girl #1 said:

    i never got morning sickness.. everyone is different

  8. MK said:

    It’s different for everyone, most morning sickness doesn’t show up for several weeks. It showed up when I was 2-3 weeks pregnant and has only gotten worse from there.

    She should take a preg test…and/or go to her doctor.

  9. Proud mommy!!! said:

    i didn’t get morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy and had a healthy baby girl.


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