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How long before an infant can travel by airplane or boat?

My daughter is with her husband abroad and gave birth to her daughter. Well, the family wants to return home (to Kentucky) within the next month or two. The doctor advised it would be best to wait 4 months, but infants may travel as soon as 2 weeks old.

I was just curious for myself about how soon a baby can travel? Is 1-2 months of age okay?

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4 Responses to “How long before an infant can travel by airplane or boat?”

  1. RoofingPrincess said :

    Babies have undeveloped immune systems. Travel exposes them to a lot of people with potentially a lot of germs that their bodies can’t fight off.
    Why second-guess her doctor? He’s an expert, we’re not!

  2. Hello Friend said :

    My doctor advised me against taking my daughter to the grocery store until she was a month old. Technically it is OK to travel at that age, but if they can avoid taking her out in public they lessen her chances of getting sick.

  3. coltonandcartersmommy said :

    its perfectly fine!! keeping a child cooped up will cause her to never build an immune system. 🙂 get that baby home to kentucky!!

  4. munchkinsmommy said :

    My friend took her almost 4 week old baby on a long flight with a stopover with no problems. Baby was healthy, but mom was also a NICU nurse.


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