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How does this sound as a Valentines gift for a new guy?

Gift card to his favorite liquor store, nice card, and chocolate? Is this too much? Seeing him since December.

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8 Responses to “How does this sound as a Valentines gift for a new guy?”

  1. Green_Eyes60 said :

    i wouldnt give the chocolate.. otherwise its sounds alright.

  2. janecat said :

    pick 2! otherwise, he’ll feel bad he didn’t get you as much. i think liquor store gift card is good!

  3. Brian J said :

    I wouldnt give the gift certificate for a liquor store. That sounds like a redneck Valentines day gift.

  4. lauren said :

    I’d maybe get him a nice bottle of something he likes rather than a gift card, it just looks like you’ve put a bit more thought in. I’d say that and a nice card would be enough.

  5. vergil s said :

    itz ok if i were you i would get him:
    chocolate (guys like it 2)
    mayb a bear or something (most guys do have stuffed animals either one or a collection)
    or mayb a nice evening somewhere get some food and get a movie and all that good old stuff
    hope this helps

  6. Gillian said :

    I wasn’t aware you could give someone a gift card to a liquor store? I would suggest actually getting him a bottle of something instead. Shows you put some effort and thought into his gift. The chocolates are a sweet gesture, but probably something he wouldn’t really want/need. Try something to complement the liquor you gave him, perhaps a glass for him to have it in? (i.e. shot glass, etc.)

    Check out this site for more ideas on what to get your b/f. It def. saved me this Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  7. Warren said :

    A bottle of, say, Chandon rose at $16 would be better than that gift certificate. This is Moet & Chandon’s California “champagne”. They simply don’t call it that as it’s not from the Champagne region of France. Better a choice than a gift certificate. He might even share it with you!

  8. JB said :

    Gift cards are for the birds — not a good idea. Do you know what his favorite liquor is? If you do, then make the purchase yourself. Chocolate, it all depends on how much he likes chocolate. If you spend more than $20 for the liquor, then get a card, I don’t know that I would get chocolate also. Or, get the chocolate and card, and not the liquor.


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