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How do I give him a valentine card?

Basically, I really love this guy who goes to the same college as me and I have never spoken to him. We were even in the same class last year but I was too shy to make a move. I want to tell him about my feelings but I can’t muster the courage to give him the card personally. Are there any ways that I can give him the card anonymously? Please help and no rude answers…Thanks a bunch 😀

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3 Responses to “How do I give him a valentine card?”

  1. Snow White Queen said:

    I don’t wanna be rude but say you LOVE a guy who you’ve never even spoken to?
    And you’re in college, hence you should be a little more mature…

  2. Chubby~Bunny said:

    How can you love someone that you’ve never talked to and apparently know nothing about? Sure he may be hot but he could have a crappy personality, would you still “love” him if he did?

  3. Bella Donna said:

    It might be too much to give somebody who doesn’t even know you a card that express all your feelings for him.

    In my huble opinion…start it slow…you can give him a card, but not that I like you a lot card…

    Choose small card and prepare a few in case you need extras. Write whatever you want…like can we be friend, or something like that.

    When you give him the card, just say…hey, I’ve seen you lot of time, but I barely know you…just want to make more friends and spread the love this year…here’s a card for you.

    You might want to give the extra cards to some other ppl too…well…after that you can say hi to him, make friends and when time is right…tell him that you like him!

    Good luck


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