How do i get my ex boyfriend back and have sex?

We were going out for 2 months and then after we broke up we still kept talking for 7 months and then he started making booty calls. I got pissed at him for that n we had a big fight. He stopped talking to me 2 months ago but now I want him back so we can have sex!

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11 Responses to “How do i get my ex boyfriend back and have sex?”

  1. Terry H said:

    call him then tell him you in shower you know the rest

  2. ? said:

    1. Call him
    2. Ask
    3. Enjoy!
    4. Call me

  3. oneglimmeringmoment said:

    Call him and tell him that you are sorry for your fight but you really miss having sex with him. He’s a guy i’m sure that he will come running.

  4. denvermax said:

    just find someone else to have sex with.

  5. skelanimals97 said:

    call him
    do “it”
    let him eat you out

  6. fuzzy and pink! said:

    1. buy a sexy out fit
    2. call him and say u just want 2 talk 2 him
    3. put your outfit on
    4. when he gets there he wont b able 2 resist you
    5. have sex

  7. Bernardine said:

    First you should find the right time to ask him if he wants to do it, then if he says yes, CONGRATULATIONS. enjoy

  8. Mike D said:

    call him tell him to get condoms and come over! god I wish you where my girl!!!

  9. Brandy S said:

    if he was trying to get booty calls, I doubt he’ll resist. Just tell him you want him and what you want him for.

  10. Katie said:

    I really think you CAN get your ex back but you have to have a plan or else your going to make things worse. Know what I mean?

    I’d suggest signing up at…


    It’s free(though they do recommend some ebook which I HIGHLY recommend giving a try but you don’t have to)

    You’ll get all kinds of awesome free advice and stuff like that…

    hope it helps and good luck getting your ex back!!!

    -Katie : )

  11. Bob said:

    Damn your a slut your trying to bang some dude after hes making all these booty calls. You and him deserve STDs. Im glad i dont even know your nasty ass.


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