How could i get my girlfriend back?

me and my girlfriend broke up me and her was truly in love how could i get her back.

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19 Responses to “How could i get my girlfriend back?”

  1. Cody L said:

    well what happened? it helps to know

  2. Ela D said:

    Think of something from your heart, dont ask us (: we dont know her as well as you do. if you really love her you should know all about her

  3. main stream said:

    Ignore her 2000%

  4. Roderick W said:

    Talk to her like a hick and rub her moose knuckle.

  5. LaGail R said:

    Then why did you break Up. She was in love. How about you?

  6. xoashley34 said:

    Buy her some flowers and tell her how much you really do love her.
    Be real honest and come clean with all the feelings you have for her:)

  7. Kelly said:

    get her a gift

  8. cockblaster said:

    learn proper grammar?

  9. joe said:

    circumstances would be nice buddy.
    like why did you break up?
    your fault?

    seeing as i know nothing, i’d say send flowers and bombard her with chocolate and pray she takes you back. and tell her you do really love her.

  10. F.A.M.E said:

    go and get her!!!!!!! dont waste your time in the internet…. GO!!!! NOW!!!!!! B4 its too late…

  11. IP-firmly said:

    stalk her, follow her around till she gets so uncomfortable she has to take you back.
    remember, no means yes
    never give up hope

  12. Andy H said:

    go to barnes and nobel or a big book store and buy love dare, it is a book about how to win you wife back over but i guaruntee it will work for you it takes forty days and read everything about everyday. You have to put your heart into it for this to work you cant half ass this if you really want her back women have a way or seening when your not puting your heart into things. just take it one day at a time and i am sure it will work

  13. princessleia101 said:

    if u were “truly in love”, u should never have broke up! u have to be strong in a relationship! work things out, get through it!

  14. Lost.. as usual said:

    oh wow.. i love the detail and specifics of your question.. i need so much more information to tell you how to make up with her.. all i can say to you is that if you truly love her and she truly loves you,everything will work out.. if it was meant to be it will happen.. if it doesn’t work out just remember that everything happens for a reason..

  15. cecilee2003 said:

    well that depends. why did you guys break up? was it something you did or was it just not working? you have to put into a lot more details if you want some real advice. but all that i can really tell you is just prove to her that you care or something. get her some flowers or some chocolate or something. girls loves that . or keep calling her to say sorry or something. she’ll be touched. but don’t over call her or over do it lol

  16. Tia said:

    Try To impress her what ever you did to make her break up with u dont
    do that any more show her u can be responsible.

  17. Anime Is The Best Animelover said:

    beg her give her something she’s been dieing to get

    teddy bear,Chocolate

  18. Angela S said:

    You can try and talk it out because if you are still in love with her and she is still in love with you I don’t know why you guys won’t be together good luck :]

  19. gregorkranjski said:

    Don’t be desperate, give her and yourself time to think about what went wrong. You don’t want to come of as needy and clingy, so don’t call her several times per day, don’t argue, don’t stalk, don’t email, don’t panic. It may seem counter-intuitive, but being desperate can only worsen the situation.


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