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How can I get my daughter up and to school on time? She is 7 & hates school-I have tried everything-any ideas?

I have tried talking to the school about it. Letting her receive natural consequences for being late. Having her loose a dollar from her earned allowance each time she is late. Changing her bed time; taking the amount of minutes she is late and having her go to bed that many minutes earlier. Loosing privileges, gaining privileges………………..UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGG HELP!!!!!

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16 Responses to “How can I get my daughter up and to school on time? She is 7 & hates school-I have tried everything-any ideas?”

  1. racer 51 said:

    you just do it. try positive reinforcment instead of punishment. sometimes it works better. stay on a strict schedule too.

  2. ♥mamamia♥ said:

    She’s only 7, I would say that this is ur fault.
    Wake up early, be & stay in her face untill she gets her butt going. Dont expect to lay in bed while ur daughter wakes her self up, not gonna work.

  3. Callum_601 said:

    make her sleep in the back of the car already dressed for school.

  4. Farron D said:

    Have you talked to her about why she hates school? Some kids feel threatened by their teachers, Maybe u should supervise one day.
    Maybe changing schools…. Charter schools get them interactive in their work.

  5. jen said:

    I think the best thing is to talk to her about what the problem is, ask her why she doesn’t like school and try to resolve it from there. Asking her about what friends she has and how she does with school work, also talking to her teachers will be good as they might know if its something to do with other children she might find it hard to make friends or maybe shes having a hard time coping with the school work.

  6. Ade said:

    I just happened upon your question and thought I would chime in. I was notoriously late to school every single day, from grade school to 12th, and nothing anyone did would help me kick the habit. Now in my 30’s, I’m late for work every single day, too.

    It started because – frankly – I really hated school. Even at a young age, I couldn’t stand to be there. I never felt comfortable surrounded by a bunch of people, I never felt smart enough, and girls were alwaysss trying to kick my @ss because I was tall and shapely, and they figured I was a slut. Wow its hard to remember that stuff.

    I recommend getting to the bottom of why your daughter feels it’s so unimportant for her to be on time. Get to the heart of the matter. Could she be “depressed?” Does someone at school bully her or hate her? Don’t let this go, or else she could have a life long problem like me.

  7. LARRY J7 said:

    Yo Sweetness —
    This is a job for the Effie Marie solution (that was my mom –btw) Worked like a dream !!
    An announcement is made that if you are not up by the third warning — a cold, wet towel is tossed on you in your bed !! Rude awakening here !! There is even the benefit of the last minute count down —- okay mister, this thing is coming into bed with you in one minute —- larry, you have 30 seconds — last warning here, sport !!
    Believe me here — by the time this thing slaps you to wide-eyed wonder the third time — there is no real need for a wet towel — the word that its on the way does the trick !!!!!!

  8. jamie_lynnsuperstar said:

    children that age need lots and lots of sleep! do you have a schedule at home? what i do is i make a sticker chart every week and my son is to follow that for an allowance. i found that the cleaner my house is, the better my child can rest and not be overwhelmed. he now wakes up happy and excited. otherwise the only thing i can think of is that your child may be having issues at school??? try and talk to her about it. seven year olds are smarter than we think. YOU need to get to the bottom of this! Don’t give up!!

  9. Kellie W said:

    You could try one of 2 very different approaches and see what works best for your daughter. You could motivate her to get ready on time with something like a sticker chart. I’m not suggesting you pay her for school attendance, but you could work out a reward system wherein she gets to do something special with you if she gets ready on time x number of days over 2 weeks. After a month or two, she may have developed the habit of getting ready on time.

    If you want to continue with punishment, it has to “hurt” enough to work. I’m NOT suggesting spanking, but removal of privelages. TV is a privelage. Computer time is a privelage. Playing with friends is a privelage. Even having toys is a privelage. The only things that are never completely eliminated in my home are reading and listening to classical music (except for during time-outs).

    She may not be getting to bed early enough. A gradual transition to an earlier bedtime may do it. Does she need more time in the morning to wake up fully? It takes my son at least an hour to get moving in the morning, so I wake him up at 6:00 (we need to leave by 7:45 to get to school on time). That gives him an hour to come around, while eating breakfast, listening to a story, and watching a short tv show on PBS if time allows. He is really uncooperative until his blood sugar comes up, so I let him eat in his pjs, then have him to get dressed and make his bed after the juice kicks in.
    I also have a chart that shows by what time each thing needs to be accomplished. Because I wake him early, he goes to bed early. If I have to carry him downstairs to the breakfast table, I do it.

    I would be concerned if, at age 7, my child already hated school. She’s old enough that you can have a talk with her about why she doesn’t like school, and what you can do to make it more enjoyable for her. Is she being bullied? Is the work too hard for her? Not challenging enough? If she’s just slow to start in the morning, you can talk with her about what the two of you can do to make it easier for her to get moving inthe morning. Sometimes, if you talk things through with them, kids come up with great ideas.

    The bottom line is that if she is enrolled in school, it is not acceptable for her to show up late. If you have to pull her out of bed and dress her, then do it.

    I love the idea of natural consequences, but sometimes, with younger kids and an abstract concept like time, they may not be enough. Arriving late to school is disruptive to the entire classroom, and cannot be alowed.

    Streamlining your morning routine may help you feel less stressed. Pack lunch and her backpack (with her help) the night before. Make sure your clothes are picked out as well as hers. I shower the night before so I don’t have to do that in the morning. I make breakfast ahead of time and freeze it so all I have to do is microwave it as my son is coming out of his morning stupor. I even switched the time of day my dog gets fed so I have one less thing to do in the morning.

  10. h_rgh said:

    Hi….. I think she hate the school because of the morning awakening!!! …………. so if you made for her the morning awaking as a habit she would be more success in future too!!……. i think for a few time for example make the food that she likes or give her some things that she likes or some things like that just in the morning , it will make the morning for her a lovely time (also going to school)…… of course you should do it rarely & rarely in the future……. but before every thing i think it’s better that you give some advice from a the kid’s psychologist who knows the child’s thinking and mind methods better than every one else ……… i wish i could help you ……

  11. Slim Shady said:

    I HAVE THE PERFECT SOULUTION!!! Here’s what you should do: Get her an alarm clock, and teach her how to set it. Assuming that you have an alarm clock set yours for the same time too. Before bed, check to see that she did her part. And when you set it tell her: “This is soo cool, you get to be just like mommy! Getting up is part of the day too, just like eating, going to school and playing with your friends!!” So if she want’s to be a good girl, and sort of get more mature (no offense!!) then try this. Also maybe do some stuff together like eat together, a nice healthy quick meal… and maybe talk about girl things. Like ” Aw your hair looks nice” and “Maybe when you get home, i’ll help you paint your nails” ect. I hope this helps, and good luck!!! And if she’s getting along with this, maybe add some music to her alarm clock, like her favorite song!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  12. Mommas Gurl 96 said:

    I think you should…Maybe Drive her to school,Maybe sit outside the classroom,And when she gets focused,Leave!.

  13. Helpful Diva said:

    Every morning you blow a whistle you blow the first time and wait 5 five min. then do it again and again. If they dont get up on time then at home its homework first then a snack. if they get up then its snack then homework

  14. singlemom_of_kaylee_devin said:

    I agree with others who have said to get to the bottom of why she hates school. My daughter will be 7 and is in first grade. She’s had 3 days so far and hates it. I have half the reason for my daughter’s behaviors (she has aspergers) but now we have to find out what is triggering her afternoon meltdowns.

    My daughter has picture cards on her mirror and in the bathroom so she can get dressed on her own. Some mornings I have to pick her up and put her in the tub just to wake her up. She goes to bed at 7:30 every single night, including friday and saturday. We also get up on the weekends, and school holidays to stay on routine.

    Natural consequences will not do too much as she’s young are there is nothing the school can do to her. Instead of gaining or losing things, start tomorrow morning with her getting up, getting dressed and eating breakfast just as a part of life. Keep her routine the same in the mornings, and make sure you have as much prepared as possible the night before. I always lay out a few outfits for my 2 because who knows what mood they will wake up in.

    I would also take her to her dr to see about depression, and you have to find out why she doesn’t want to go to school.

    Or…You could homeschool her and not start your day until around lunch time. =)

  15. spongeluv11 said:

    Get some yummy foods. Cook it, then wake her up. If she uses an alarm, then put it across the room so she has to walk(wakeup) to turn it off. Or, get a callander and have her put a sticker on the days she’s woken up with no problems, then get a prize when she gets 5 days in a row.

  16. Colleen O said:

    The school isn’t responsible for her getting up in the morning so why you would talk to the school is beyond me. Privliges should be eared rather than given and then lost. They’re not priviliges if they aren’t earned to begin with . Make getting up HER responsiblity. Get her an alarm clock set it across the room from her bed, that way she has to get out of bed to turn it off. Give her a time limit to get ready, if she isn’t ready she goes to school as is. If she hasn’t had breakfast, too bad, if she is still in her pjs too bad. When the kids tease her about being at school in pjs she just might change her tune.


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