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How can i get my boyfriend back?

How can i get my boyfriend back?
Ok so i was in a relationship for 2yrs. but at one point in the relationship i started talking to this other guy and i invited him over to my house we stood outside the whole time we didnt do anything but i felt guilty about it so i told my boyfriend and he broke up with me now i want him back and i just don’t knw how to get him… what should i do what should i say, can someone help me?

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6 Responses to “How can i get my boyfriend back?”

  1. tony montana said:

    awwww 🙁

    add me to Yahoo Messenger: [email protected]

    this sounds very serious… i really wanna help you. Please Add Me In Yahoo and tell me step by step what happen then i’ll find a solution. Please think about it 🙂

  2. Lavisha said:

    Kudos to you for being honest with your boyfriend.
    I guess he did not take it in the same vein.
    Try explaining the situation to him
    If he understands, well and good.
    Otherwise let it go.
    He doesn’t deserve you.

  3. df b said:

    Well, try to tell your boyfriend you and this guy were just hanging out.
    If he doesn’t beilieve you, maybe it’s all for the best that you don’t date. I mean, a relation ship is about trust. And if he doesn’t trust you, maybe he’s not the one.

  4. Available said:

    say him sorry and Start talking to HIM normally

  5. Kayla said:

    just tell him how you feel about him, how much he means to you make him believe that you didnt do anything with this guy. but to be honest if he doesnt believe you he obviously doesnt have much trust in you so thats not really a good relationship is it?

  6. -- unknown said:

    I know how you feel. I’ve been in that situation too. If its still bothering you, you should go to him, or call him immediatley as soon as you can. Tell him that you are sorry, tell him that he is the only one that there is , and the only man that you will ever need and want. Try to tell him how things actually happened, and that nothing happened. Tell him, to give you one more chance because you love him, and you care. If he starts yelling or saying mean stuff,,,, its okay because he is upset. Be calm and try to understand how he feels. Because what if he did that to you. The best thing to do, is to get together with him. Or call him,,,, leave him a message saying that you are sorry, and that you didnt mean for things to be like that. If he loves you,and if he will want you back, he will forgive you. It takes time to get over those kinds of things. Just give him more attention, tell him you love him no matter what happens. tell him that you care, and that you will try not to do it. And what is really important is that you didnt hide it behind his back. Tell him you told him because you love him, and that you are not a stupid bitch like that. Tell him, that you would never cheat on him, and the only thing that happened with that guy is that you guys talked. if that doesnt work, let me know. Just understand how he feels. What if he did that to you…. Just explain your feelings out, its okay even if you cry. Because if he loves you, he will hug you. And if you really want him back, promise him not to do anything like that.


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