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How and When to enroll in Open Enrollment school?

Im planning on kids going to a nearby school, Kindergarden, that has open enrollment. When do I need to enroll? Any other info that I need?

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2 Responses to “How and When to enroll in Open Enrollment school?”

  1. natdog said:

    Our open enrollment began in March for Kindergardern. My poor son is stuck in afternoon Kindergarden (this year) because I wasn’t quick enough getting him enrolled.

    Try giving the school a call. There is a ton of paperwork that you’re going to have to fill out.

  2. mommyof 3 said:

    As soon as you can, need birth cert & health card in Ontario. They like to have enrollment early to set up class’ and no how many teachers are needed ( Classes here capped at 20 students)


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